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healthy diet drink href=”http://www.diet-weight-lose.com/diet-pills/slim-fast.php”>http://www.diet-weight-lose.com/diet-pills/slim-fast.php href=’http://www.articledashboard.com/sitemap-13.xml.gz’>http://www.articledashboard.com/sitemap-13.xml.gz

Wwe Divas – Entertainment Par Excellence

Referring to a woman as a ‘diva’ is an ultimate compliment. It means ‘to be outstanding and talented.’ The word originates from the Latin ‘divus’, which means ‘divine one.’ The word diva is used to refer to the most famous female celebrities and it’s used on film stars, singers, performing artists and now, the well-built and shapely women of World Wrestling Entertainment.

The WWE divas are among the world’s sexiest women and are also athletic entertainers known to be great performers. The most popular current age WWE divas include Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Jillian Hall, Maria Kanellis, Melina Perez, Victoria and Beth Phoenix. These ladies train very hard, just as much as their male counterparts, and put on quite a show for the audience.

The early WWE divas were mostly managers, who were given the complimentary title after many years of work. They were the untiring managers who looked after valet-ringside operations for male pro wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Macho Man http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/ Randy Savage. The noteworthy early-day divas are Sensational Sherri Martel, Miss Elizabeth, Tammy Lynn Sytch (Sunny), Terri Runnels, Rena Mero (Sable) and Trish Stratus. Terri and Trish first entered professional wrestling as managers and gradually took on the role of wrestlers themselves.

Divas have come and gone and it’s been rough-and-tumble for them throughout the years. The http://the-cheapestseats.com/wwe-live-events/ most famous WWE title for female wrestlers is appropriately named WWE Women’s Title. These WWE divas have made women’s wrestling so popular that ambitious young contestants flock the annual WWE Diva Search competition with hopes of becoming the next diva.

Now, WWE divas get main billing for their fights and these matches have great drawing power, not the least because of the rather unorthodox nature of these matches. Lingerie pillow fights, bikini battle royals and pudding and gravy bowl matches always attract quite a bit of attention and not just from WWE fans! They participate in regular events such as Smackdown, Raw, ECW and Pay-Per-View.

The reigning WWE Raw Women’s Championship title holder is Mickie James, who was awarded the title on 14th April 2008.

The Raw, SmackDown and ECW are the main three brands promoted by WWE, which is focused on professional wrestling of every type. Pro wrestling is known to be a simulated sport, a combined art containing athletic wrestling and theatrics. WWE holds great importance in the world’s sporting arena and is the largest professional wrestling promoter.

About the Author:

Looking for the latest diva gossip then take a look at this great site that gives you the latest on all the top stars such as Candice Michelle. The best of all the WWE Diva gossip all in one place. Great site, log on now for the latest gossip.

WWE Superstars

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is pure adrenaline driven entertainment. Here is a list of the http://www.ticketwood.com/wwe-wrestling/WWE-Tickets/schedule.php greatest superstars in WWE, wrestlers who have stood the test of time.

Love it, hate it, or try to ignore it, but the fact remains that World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry today. The World Wrestling Entertainment has been the center of attention ever since it was first launched. Be it the steroids scandal, or be it something raked up by the concerned parents and other institutions, or the various takeovers and acquisitions the company has been in since the past two decades, or be it simply traditional sports rueing the infinite success and fan following this sports entertainment receives.

One cannot deny the fact that the superstars have been an integral part of the success of WWE. The fans should remember that it is these superstars who take the hits, do not care about the risks and put their bodies on the line in the name of entertainment. This is exactly the reason that they have become superstars in the true sense of the word, and are looked up with respect for the amount of punishment they take and the courage they have, to come up night after night, to entertain the people.

For those who are new to WWE, here is a quick description of the stars ladder:

Jobbers: These are the unknown talents who are basically used to give a push in the wrestling ladder to talent that is getting a bit popular as ‘heels’ or ‘babyfaces’ with the crowds. Heels are wrestlers who basically play the bad part of the storyline. Baby faces are wrestlers who play the good part of the storyline. Jobbers eventually get promoted into the mid-card level.

Mid-Card Level: Mid-card level wrestlers are wrestlers who have a bit of popularity amongst wrestling fans. They can either be heels or babyfaces. Mid-card level wrestlers and jobbers are sometimes used as a part of tag teams to create more exciting wrestling storylines and matches.

Superstars/Top-card level: These are the wrestlers who headline WWE shows and pay-per-views. Superstars have a definite screen presence, and a long and complex storyline behind them. They also have the longest feuds, with some feuds spanning three to four pay-per-views.

Here is a list of the contemporary and past WWE superstars. This list is only about those superstars who have the highest fan following ever:

Hulk Hogan: He and Vince McMahon are credited with taking wrestling entertainment to another level altogether in the seventies and eighties. In fact, Hulk Hogan is considered to be an idol of many of the present contemporary WWE wrestlers.

The Undertaker: The Undertaker can be termed as having the most prolific WWE career ever. Also, his characterization is considered to be one of the most innovative in WWE history. Personally, I think he was the inventor of power wrestling. He is still regarded to have one of the most exciting finishing moves in the industry, and that is a feat in itself. He has had at least three different finishing moves during his career, and all three of them sending the crowd in a tizzy when enacted in the ring.

The Rock: Possibly the most famous wrestler to step into the ring – ever. The Rock was one of the first wrestlers to move from wrestling into Hollywood and make a successful career out of it. Though the Rock was one of the most famous and successful wrestlers, today he is seen as a good enough actor as well as a wrestler. He has acted in lead roles in at least three movies. John Cena and cheap wwe tickets Kane have followed his concept of an all-encompassing entertainer. Hulk Hogan too had made a switch from wrestling to Hollywood at his peak, but his switch did not meet with as much success as The Rock’s did.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: If the Rock is mentioned, Stone Cold will not be far behind. The two have been involved in some of the most entertaining feuds in wrestling history. Stone Cold Steve Austin is known to be a rebellious beer drinker who was the bane for discipline and system during his stint as a wrestler for the WWE.

There are, of course other wrestlers that could be added to the list. These superstars are simply the ones who have stood the test of time, and get as much of fan heat today, as they would have got when they had the first peak of their career, a good ten years back.


Patek Philippe Nautilus Series Watch

For almost 150 years, Patek Philippe, the sole remaining Genevan watch manufacturer that still enjoys total creative freedom, has been meticulously crafting timepieces that are at once functional and graceful. Among its renowned creations is the Patek Philippe Nautilus, a series of luxurious watches that only gains stature and value with the passing of time.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus watches come in an array of styles created for men as well as women who believe that true opulence is in the details. Whether the proud wearer is attending a black-tie affair or making a splash in the Maldives, there is a suitable Patek Philippe Nautilus timepiece to complement the moment.

A sporty style of the Patek Phillipe Nautilus features a three-part case and wristband made of stainless steel, a material that defies rust and many other corrosive forces of nature. Its sapphire-crystal case back reveals the fastidiously engineered Patek Philippe caliber buy the patek nautilus 240 PS IRM C LU that gives the Patek Philippe Nautilus its accurate mechanical movement. The screw-down crown and moon-phase corrector push piece in the side of the case provides the Patek Phillipe Nautilus water resistance capacity up to 60 meters.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is also available in 18K Rose Gold, matched with a suave black face and a crocodile strap with an exclusive fold-over clasp. It is an automatic timepiece powered by the caliber 324 S C, 29 jewels mechanism. This sophisticated Patek Philippe Nautilus is guaranteed to create a lasting impression under the subtle cloak of elegance.

Women of extraordinary substance will appreciate the beauty of the Patek Philippe Nautilus with http://www.watches-upon.com/patek-philippe-c-50.html an 18K white gold case and bracelet and adorned with 46 fiery diamonds. Behind its chic charcoal gray face is the quartz movement of caliber E 23 S C. This style is also available in 18 Rose Gold case and bracelet.

There is also something for ladies who crave the warmth of classic affluence: the Patek Phillipe Vintage Nautilus in 18K Yellow Gold case and bracelet. This, too, is tastefully enhanced with diamonds and possesses the self-assured aura of extravagance.

The Patek Phillipe Nautilus is not intended for everyone. These timepieces are only for a select few who understand that the Patek Phillipe Nautilus is not merely a watch. These are exceedingly beautiful investments almost as precious as time itself. More importantly, the Patek Phillipe Nautilus is an insignia of the rarefied lifestyle of the successful and the renowned.


Christian Worship Or Rock Concert?

As you enter the concert hall, the house lights are off. You stumble to your seat amid the overflowing crowd of http://the-cheapestseats.com/cheap-concert-tickets/ young people. There is a hum of conversations all around, and the atmosphere is charged with a palpable excitement. Then suddenly the stage is bathed in a blue light, and smoke fills the front of the auditorium, closely followed by an explosive guitar riff as the band begins to belt out a number at a level of decibels that is guaranteed to cause hearing damage to every person in the building. The auditorium is still in darkness, but all around you young people are on their feet, jumping and waving to the thumping beat.

No, you are not at a rock concert. This is a church service at a large city church whose congregation is predominantly young people. What you are experiencing is what they call worship.

Apart from practical concerns of possible injury from trying to find your way in the dark, almost certain hearing damage from the noise, and the question of how anyone over the age of 30 could possibly relate to this, the whole scenario raises some very serious spiritual questions.

Firstly there is the issue of the darkened auditorium. What does darkness have to do with worship? Are we not children of the light, walking in the light, and worshiping a God who is in the light? Is there darkness in heaven?

Then there is the noise. At some point the pastor stands up and says that “heaven is a noisy place.” This http://www.stubhub.com/broadway-theater-at-wynn-las-vegas-event-tickets/ is certainly true – a hundred million angels all declaring the glory of God “in a loud voice” is certainly not quiet! However, heaven is not a closed auditorium where sound reverberates off every surface, nor does it have amplifiers turned up as far as they can go without exploding! Just how does causing long-term hearing loss to every person present glorify God? What’s more, any older person who has the courage to venture in is likely to experience physical pain from the volume of the music – does a total lack of concern for them bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Even more concerning is the question of focus, which is totally on the stage and the musicians. What is being worshiped here – regardless of what words are put to it – is not God, but the music, the musos, and the experience. How does this offer the people in attendance anything different from what they could have received at any rock concert? The Gospel is not about us, yet here the whole atmosphere tells the audience that it is all about them and their having a good time.

When will God’s people learn that noise does not equate to anointing? When will we learn that we do not have to imitate the world, but rather that we are to be radically different from the world? When will we learn that worship is not about us, but about God? When will we learn that indulging our senses does not bring us into God’s presence? And where are the prophets who would be bold enough to cry out, “This is not the way!”?

This is not suggesting that the Church should be stiff and starchy and never sing anything but old hymns. It is not the style of music that is the problem, but the presentation and the focus. If the focus of the worship is the music and the experience rather than the Lord, then it is false worship regardless of whether the style is rock or baroque.

Church, wake up! We are not here to compete with the world on the world’s terms. We are here to counter the spirit of the age with a vastly different spirit. We are not here to call young people to sign up for a free rock concert every week – how difficult is that? – but to call them to a costly commitment of service to the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not here to indulge our flesh, but to manifest the glory of the Lord. Church, it’s time to stop trying to be the word, and start being the Church of the living God.

By: Lynn Fowler

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Lynn Fowler is a Christian speaker & writer from Australia. Learn the principles and techniques to develop true Christian worship in your church at truechristianworship.com

Women Crazy for Fashion Jewellery – Yahoo Voices

According to me, ornaments or jewelery is a thing that gives an additional value to the person who wears it. But, wearing fashionable ornaments or fashionable jewelery gives a fashionable value to the person who is wearing that particular ornament or jewelery. What is fashionable value then?

I myself am crazy for jewelery. We go in so many shops and see so many ornaments! But it is a human or a woman tendency of no satisfaction. Even if we buy thousands of ornaments we still will crave for more… I think god has made us like that…… I know my readers by now have realized that I am a female crazy for ornaments! But we women are not only crazy for jewelery but we are crazy for shopping. Some new thing in market always attracts us. This new thing can be anything which is not even a necessity for us. But still we will go and buy that just because our friend or neighbor bought that.


There are so many types of people in the world. This type can be thought of as religion wise and also can be thought of as mentality wise. We are aware that each and every religion has their specific type of ornaments which are different from the other religions. Adding value to a specific type of religious ornaments with some new trends and ideas can be a fashionable value…

Similarly, we know that each and girls best friend every person has a different type of mentality. No two persons can http://bluediamondd.blogspot.com/2012/08/diamonds-blue-nile.html be found with same mentality. To show the diamond ring mentality we wear that type of jewelery, because, this type of jewelery will describe the personality of the person who is wearing the ornament.

Fashionable value of fashion jewelery:

Ladies crazy for shopping is an endless topic, I think. So it is better to give a full stop to this topic and get back to our main topic of fashion jewelery. What actually is fashion jewelery? I think, any jewelery or all jewelery is related to fashion. We wear gold jewelery because of fashion. Then why do we call fashion jewelery as a particular category.

It is noticed that most women are fond of buying fashion jewelery. But more than that, they are fond of window shopping. Fashion accessories are such type of accessories that even if women buy thousands of ornaments, they will find them less….

Relax and Let Go, Vital Yoga Pose Made Simple

Corpse Pose with Eyes CoveredUsed for relaxation at the end of the class, in savasana or “corpse pose,” the student lies on the mat face up with arms along the sides of the body with space between the body and the arms, palms up. Legs extend relaxed and slightly apart. Lights are dimmed, the eyes may be covered and aromatherapy used.

Initially savasana can be compared to hypnosis as the teacher guides the student into the pose. But there are some major differences that become apparent as the yoga practice becomes more defined. There are variations in how the teacher leads students into the depth of the pose.

Physical Assistance into the Pose

The eyes are closed and a cloth or scented pillow may be placed over the eyes. A bolster may be placed under the back if needed. The teacher may gently lift the head in both hands to release the tensions of the neck before setting it down on the mat. The teacher may lift the feet, shaking the legs to loosen stiffness before setting them down again. The arms may be pressed down to the mat or a massage done on the back of the neck or the brow.

Verbal Descriptions of Movement during Savasana

The teacher intones softly about the body on the floor, the weightlessness of the arms and legs. Breaths are described as deep cleansing inhalations and exhalations. The student is mindful of the tight jaw or neck and facial muscles and encouraged to go deeper into the pose.

Similar to a hypnotic state, the student is brought out of the pose by increasing awareness of breath, of movement to fingers and toes, to hands and feet. Eventually, the student turns to the right and gradually back to a seated position.

Verbal Suggestions of Being in the Corpse Pose

The students are relaxed in corpse pose. The dialog may be a derivation of the following: The teacher suggests a beautiful quiet place such as an isolated warm beach. The palm trees are swaying and there are no worries. Physical pains have receded. Hurts are part of the past and irrelevant. The student is present with a relaxed pure weight loss help spirit.

The suggestions continue in quiet tones until the student is “awakened” refreshed from the pose.

Inspirational Readings during Savasana

A teacher may read from an autobiography of a yogi. Autobiography of a Yogi is found online in its entirety. The eight limbs of yoga or the yamas or niyamas (restraints and observances) may be read to the relaxing students. The readings can be religious or daily affirmations. The reading is only an accompaniment to savasana.

Suggested readings may be from:

Swami Sivananda

Selvarajan Yesudian

B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

Sri k. Pattabhi Jois

Verses of the Mandukya Upanishad

Or the teachers own philosophy.

Yoga and Hypnosis

The suggestive powers of hypnosis and trance mimic the depth of savasana. Hypnosis is a form of mental concentration. There is a response to suggestion whether it is a behavior change or memory recall. In yoga the goal is personal meditation and letting go of the body, the self. In savasana the body is at ease and the senses are drawn inward.


Alternative Music Rocks Crossing Over Several Genres

Alternative Music Rocks Crossing Over Several Genres

The world of music has consistently evolved. Genres have been defined and then the classic definitions have been junked to make way for new genres. Within music, the idea of genres, subgenres and mixed genres isn’t new. Fusion has always been integral to music of all types. If you had country mixing with rock http://hardrockhideout.com/2014/03/31/the-rockstar-energy-drink-mayhem-festival-announces-official-2014-artist-line-up/ at one time then you had the lines blurring between gothic and heavy metal. Pop itself features a very vague description and it is often not regarded as a genre at all by hardcore rock musicians.

In such an ever changing world of music and with a vibrant indie music scene, it is only expected that alternative rock will cut through some traditional thresholds. Some of the top indie rock bands have been breaking the conventional concept of genres for a while and now there is Curse & Kisses which has effectively managed to cross over numerous genres. It was not uncommon for an alternative rock band to blend in more than one genre or subgenre but for a top indie rock band to cross over several genres is definitely, to a degree, unprecedented.

Curse & Kisses is one of the most intriguing top indie rock bands. Whilst its fans have already hailed it as the best indie rock band in current times, there’s no clear inference mayhem fest 2011 as to which genre the band caters to.

Curse & Kisses is definitely an alternative rock band that is inclined to hard rock. Some portions of their compositions may be regarded mayhem festival denver as heavy metal but not all of it. Their neat organ instrumentals in between the various riffs offer you a sneak peek to the old school rock scene. While you can get transcended to a retro tour, Curse & Kisses will bring you straight back to where you belong with their hard progressions. Curse & Kisses is really a rare top indie rock band that also takes a very different lyrical route. The metaphors the band uses, the degree of negativity or pessimistic proclamations that are apparent from their lyrics are a different breed altogether. At the exact same time, Curse & Kisses also comes up with anti drug lyrics which are commendable, especially when presented professionally and by truly skilled musicians.

Whilst the very best indie rock bands are always expected to break conventions, Curse & Kisses may have just succeeded in redefining the fine line of what makes alternative rock music.

Discover much more about this unique artist at: www.cursenkisses.com


Zack Ryder’s top 10 wrestling toys

Zack Ryder’s a toy addict, and he doesn’t care who knows it. Since he was a child, Ryder has scoured toy stores and comic shops for plastic replicas of his in-ring heroes. Even though he has sold off or lost many of his original toys, Ryder has amassed an impressive collection of more than 1,000 action figures from a variety of WWE, WCW and ECW toy lines, recapturing his childhood one eBay score at a time.

“It’s all about the thrill of the hunt,” said Ryder, who invited WWE.com to his Long Island home to dig through nostalgia-filled bins of vintage sports-entertainment collectibles. “Back in the day, before the Internet and before I had a credit card, it was all about making sure you were the first one at Toys ‘R’ Us or making sure you knew when KB Toys was getting their shipment in.”

View exclusive photos of Zack’s collection

As a cardboard Zack Ryder standee stood watch, the real-life “Broski” emptied out his bins of loose, polybagged WWE figures, many of which were encased in plastic pouches labeled “biohazard.” Zack’s Adam Bomb (with “Nuclear Knockout”) has never felt more at home.

“My mom works at a hospital, so she was able to get me these bags for free,” Ryder explained. “Plastic bags are expensive, you know?”

Speaking of expensive, Zack wouldn’t divulge the exact worth of his collection, but that doesn’t matter to him. Long Island Iced-Z collects purely for the fun of it. But which items in Ryder’s inventory are his top picks? Zack dug deep http://www.ticketmaster.com/Wrestlemania-tickets/artist/853853?_escaped_fragment_= to pluck his 10 favorite sports-entertainment toys out of his titanic tubs, including his first eBay find and a toy that currently has an undefeated streak on YouTube. 

Here they are, in no particular order … 


Special Skills for an Acting Resume

The glamor and admiration associated with the entertainment industry seems to appeal to a lot of youngsters. Therefore, giving shape to their dreams, they zero down to taking this as a career option. In this glamor world, nothing works without a solid work experience and an impressive resume. An acting resume has a standard format and layout. The sub division into different sections will clearly explain your strengths and skills. For freshmen, it’s important you add a special skills section. This will help you exhibit your talent and add that little personality to your portfolio. This section will also overlook the work experience problem. It will also set you apart from the competition, and would win you a meeting with a casting director or an agent! This article focuses on helping you list down the special skills for an acting resume.

Things to Remember

Now, the thumb rule is that, all that you mention about your special skills has to be unique and more of what not many can do. You cannot be writing about how hardworking you are, or you being punctual. These are things the casting director is going to assume, that you are. You have to jot down all those skills that can be performed on stage or on screen. You can also mention about your awards, your dancing, styles or singing. To win yourself an identity in this showbiz, you have to exhibit the unique talent you possess.

Don’t Lie! This is the basic rule. For example, if you have mentioned about you knowing a certain dance form, let’s say tango, and when asked to perform, oops! You cannot, because you lied. You would be thrown out right away! You would not only be losing your role, but through a word of mouth, you would also earn a bad reputation. Result, no one would want to hire you.

Also, remember to mention those things for which you have had a formal training, and can actually have an easy discussion or talk about, when asked about the same. For example, if you are mentioning about a certain language known or regional dialect known, make sure you rehearse certain lines in case they ask you to perform or prove it. You never know, you may be remembered for your confident discussion or performance, and called for a role!

List of Special Skills

Here is a basic guideline about the talents to be considered under the section of special skills in your resume. These will only add that extra spunk required to help you get your dream role. They will help you climb the ladder of stardom and increase your chances of being short listed for a particular role. They will also give other contenders tough competition and makes your resume stand apart, ultimately winning you the role. So here you go. Action!



Stunt Work

Special tricks, like juggling, baton twirling, etc.

Stage Wordplay

Different accents and regional dialects known

Ability to speak different languages with the same fluency as your mother tongue.

Bar-tending tricks like fancy mixing skills or those blimey bottle tricks


Swimming (include about the training and the level you are at)

Dance (list about the different dance forms known like Tango, Salsa, Hip Hop, etc., also mention the level and training acquired from)

Horse Back-riding

Theatrical Sword Fighting





Driver’s license (mention if you have one for driving a truck as well)

Computer http://www.orlando-theatre.com/theaters/cirque-du-soleil/theater.php or typing skills


Unarmed Combat

Rappelling (also mention about other mountain climbing skills)

Defensive Driving

Tongue Twisters

Martial Art

Ability to play musical instruments. (specify)

Characterization- the ability to create a believable character and a sense of truth about the same

Note: Mention of only those skills you have formal training in or your well versed with. Do not lie!

Most importantly, you are not going to get any fruits of networking unless you sow some seeds. So, go out there, do your research, start your conversations, be yourself, build up a good network, and submit your resume. Make sure you include these skills, which will only add more weight and make your resume look impressive. You’re sure to be on circus de soliel a role, I mean roll then!!!


How to Find Vegas Hotel Deals

Helping my friends use my Spirit miles to book a trip to Vegas prompted me to want to refresh my memory on some of the best ways to find hotel deals in Las Vegas.  I used to be pretty good at it since we went a couple times a year.  Heck, we loved it so much we even got married there!

….but then we had a kid, and the frequency of our Vegas trips sadly decreased significantly.  So, I did what any reasonable person would do and sent out a Tweet asking for suggestions on what website are currently good at listing the up-to-date Vegas hotel deals, codes, promos, etc.  Since Vegas is a popular tourist destination, I wanted to share some of the sites that are available.

Purchase Vegas.com gift certificates at Costco for $80 for $100 card and use them to save on hotel rooms, show tickets, etc.  *I know this was valid as of at least a few months ago, but can’t verify that they are still available.   Update: Sounds like Costco doesn’t have these anymore (or at least not currently).

Earn/use points at the Palazzo http://www.nevada-hotels.org/cities/Las-Vegas/ and Venetian via Priority Club, at the Cosmopolitan via Marriott, or one of the smaller/off-strip hotels like Hyatt Place Las Vegas or Westin Las Vegas.

Smartervegas.com – requires you to sign-up to see some of the deals. You can enter your dates and search for applicable promos.  Lists popular codes and promos on the homepage.

Mycheapvegas.com – requires you to sign-up to see some of the deals.  Lists the latest show and hotel discounts on the home page.  You can enter your dates and search for applicable promos.

American Express Fine Hotel and Resort Collection or the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection via Chase for extras like upgrades, spa credit, breakfast, dining credit, late check-out etc.

Hotelscombined.com – compares rates from various sites such as Expedia.com, Hotels.com, olotels.com, and more, but doesn’t list all of the current codes and promotions.  I did find some very good rates quickly on this site.

Betterbidding.com – this will help you decode what hotels you are bidding on or selecting via Hotwire and Priceline.  Vegas can be a great place to consider using Hotwire or Priceline especially since you usually aren’t earning hotel points anyway.

Dealbase.com – holy moley lots of windows opened when I searched for hotels on this site!

Flyertalk Vegas Hotel Deals Thread

Join the Player’s Clubs for the various hotel/casino chains and get super deals or even free rooms based on your play.  While my husband has gambled a fair amount from time to time and has gotten some comps as a result, I am far more of a small-time player.  However, even I have been offered free nights from time to time, and often get emails for very cheap rooms from the hotel/casinos that I frequent.  These deals are often better than what you can get via the other deal sites listed above as they are targeted for individual players, so always sign-up for the Player’s Cards, and then use them religiously while you are in the hotel/casinos.  This is actually a big reason why I don’t have more first-hand experience with the other sites, I typically just go through the Player’s Club, or last year jumped on a great deal from the Discover America promo. 

I used a two night stay from April 29th – May 1st to search some of the different sites to see if my results varied.  Some of these sites give you actual opportunities to book, and some give you various discounts that are available on your dates and you must decide which one is best by comparing each one individually and manually.  So, just because I found a better deal on a particular site doesn’t necessarily mean it was only listed there.  This was just a 30 minute exercise to see what I could come up with.


Luxor $130 for Tower Deluxe Queen Room

Mirage $226 King Resort Room + two buffets

Vdara: $262 Deluxe Suite + two buffets

Harrah’s $141 Classic Room

Hotels Combined:

Luxor $102 for Tower Deluxe Queen Room

Mirage $224 King Resort Room + two buffets

Vdara: $252 Deluxe Suite (no buffets)

Harrah’s $123 Double Room


Luxor $110 Tower Deluxe Queen stratosphere las vegas Room + $30 dining credit

Mirage $202 King Resort Room + $75 dining credit

Vdara $262 Deluxe Suite + two buffets

Harrah’s $106 Classic Room


Luxor $104 Tower Deluxe Queen Room + $30 dining credit

Mirage $224 King Resort Room + two buffets

Vadara $260 Deluxe Suite

Harrah’s $134 Classic Room

Those prices don’t include taxes and any applicable resort fees.  Of the four sites I actually used to search for real rooms, Hotels Combined was by far the easiest to use as it returned actual booking options with pretty good prices (other than Travelocity which of course is even easier).  How good a deal you get from sites like MyCheapVegas and SmarterVegas really depends on how many different promos/codes you want to try, and if you are willing to join their lists to access the “special” deals (for the purposes of this post I did not).

I do think there are still good Vegas deals out there, but you do have to be willing to search a few different places to find them.  It is easiest if you narrow it down to a couple of properties you are interested in and then really dig around for the best deals for those specific hotels.  Otherwise it can get to be a little overwhelming.  The Points Guy just did a post that goes more in depth on some of the hotel options if you aren’t familiar with Vegas.  If you want the easy-out, Hotels Combined gave some very decent results with minimal effort.

Please feel free to share more of your favorites or elaborate on your experiences with some of the sites already listed here.  I plan to share more about one of my favorite cities in subsequent posts in the near future!

How To Make Your Movie Sound Like A Real Movie

How To Make Your Movie Sound Like A Real Movie

 by: Sam Longoria

I get a lot of questions on if I can “do” sound sweetening, usually by frantic filmmakers, calling in the middle of the night. They are frantic because the sound in their movie or video is bad.

They’ve used a cheap mic, plugged into the camera, or worse, have used the on-camera mic.

They had a friend aimlessly point the mic at the floor, or the sky, anywhere but at the actor muttering his lines, and moved the mic randomly during shooting.

Some, from the sound of it, have pointed the mic directly at the whirring camera, or rumbling electric generator, or humming air conditioner, or buzzing fluorescent lamp. They’ve bumped the mic against the wall, or the ceiling, or trees or bushes.

They’re far away from what they’re recording, not even in the same vicinity. There’s so much “room sound,” you can barely hear the actor mumbling along.

So, the Sound Guy (whoever they can get for a few minutes – usually a well-meaning person with no experience) turns up the level too far, which just makes the sound distort horribly, or too low, which buries the good sound in the mud.

Sound Editing adds more mistakes, and compounds the problem. The filmmaker has the equipment, and wants the film to be good. You’d think he’d read a book on the subject. You would be wrong.

He chops the sound when he chops the picture, and that’s it. He doesn’t split it into tracks, or replace bad sound, or finesse the tracks, or otherwise spend time exerting care and craft on his precious film’s soundtrack.

Essentially, when he’s done shooting and cutting and laying music, he thinks he is done, without spending the minimum of time and care and money it takes, to have a good sound track.

So the filmmaker shows his movie, with its bad sound, to lukewarm audience reaction. Ouch!

People don’t know why the movie is bad, actually. Not one in ten can recognize “bad sound,” they just think the movie stinks.

If the filmmaker is very, very lucky, somebody will tell him the sound is bad. Otherwise, he has no clue.

He’s disappointed, but he still wants to maybe fix it. Somebody says “sweetening” the sound will help. So he comes to me.

He wants to know if bad sound can be fixed. I have to tell him the bad news – no.

At this stage, unless he has a great deal of time and money, and is willing to start completely over and take the proper care, nothing can be done.

Bad sound is the product of negligence. If you spend the time and care, from the beginning, there is no reason for your film or video sound to be bad.

You’ve probably seen many commercial movies with good sound, so why doesn?t your movie sound like them? You probably don’t really know how a good movie sounds, and what effort went into making them sound good.

Take some time, and actively listen. After a while, you’ll notice what a good movie sounds like.

I was very lucky when I was starting out. I read a book by Ivan Watson from England, who spelled out precisely what it takes to record and edit and mix good movie sound.

You can still find “Uncle Ivan’s” books, either online, http://snurl.com/brbu or at your library. If you haven’t read any filmmaking books, you need to. Get going!

What can you do to make your movie track sound less like a video, and more like a real movie?

Maybe a better question is, “Why does video sound so bad?”

I think that’s a fair question, because frankly, most video sound, (all elements music-dialog-effects), sucks. I’ve heard exceptions, so I know it’s not just the video itself.

Film does sound very different than video, I am certain of that.

Real movies are rich-sounding, with only the sounds and music that move the story along. Video, even shot by filmmakers who should know better, often is tinny and muffled, with thumps and noise on the tracks.

How is film sound different from video? Making a movie sound like a movie starts with the production sound.

Film sound is recorded on analog machines (yes, they still exist), or on cool new 96Khz/24bit sampling recorders.

Mini-DV camera sound is uncompressed 48Khz/16bit sampling. That’s better-than-CD audio quality, but camera makers save money by using cheap audio circuits in most under-$5k video cameras.

Cheap-and-dirty analog-to-digital circuits add noise and distortion to your high-quality mic’s crisp analog sound.

The best video camera sound I’ve found is on the Panasonic DVX-100A. Its audio section is good as most DAT or solid-state flash memory recorders. Shooting with one is like recording on a separate digital recorder.

Film sound is recorded with a midrange bump, and an EQ raise above 6KHz.

6KHz is the high end of the human voice. ?Midrange? is around 2.5KHz. The film sound “EQ raise” at 6KHz increases dialogue intelligibility and perceived crispness.

In video, sound is recorded without pre or post EQ. Video sound also usually uses inferior mics to those used in film sound.

Film sound mics have a cleaner sound, and flatter response, sounding better than the mics used to red rocks concert schedule record video sound. They are highly directional (rejecting extraneous noise).

Give your video sound’s midrange an EQ bump, and a raise at 6Khz, and it will be more like how film sound is recorded.

Get some decent mics, not the cheapies. A Sennheiser ME66, or an Audio-Technika 835b, is mid-level, not terribly expensive, and really works well. Those will give you a rich and full sound.

You may not want to record double-system (sound recorder separate from the camera), but if you can, do it!

If you have a Nagra or other analog tape recorder, use it. They just sound better.

35mm mag film to edit? Sounds great. It should ? it?s a 1/4″ magnetic track at 18ips, and if you fill empty spaces with slug stock, it’s self-gating.

In film sound, the sound designer matches sound to the look of the film. A sad movie has mood lighting, and the sound will be designed to match it in emotional tone. Its dialogue is EQ’d less crisply, with a lower-frequency boost.

In a happy comedy, lower frequencies are rolled off, and it’s EQ’d and mixed to be “brighter.”

Film sound is “sweetened” by manipulating room tone, premixing audio levels, and carefully considering dialog, music, and effects for their proper audio EQ.

Film sound expects post-production sweetening, which makes film audio sound so different from audio for video. Video sound can be sweetened, but Indies use it pretty much as it is recorded. Yuck!

What can be done about it? How can you make your movie sound like a real movie?

First, notice how video procedures are designed for quick-and- easy operation, and not really for quality.

I think most video sound sucks because the camera operator is also the sound recordist, and the camera op doesn’t care about sound.

He wants the framing and focus and color and bla bla bla. Sound is not his priority, and he’s not really listening to what’s coming through the mic and mixer and headphones. He can’t.

For your sound to be good, you must care about it being good. That care will force you to listen to your track, something most video hobbyists, and many filmmakers, simply don’t do.

Until they’ve lost a film festival, and notice the winner has good sound. Or they see the one Indy film that comes along in a blue moon, the one with good sound.

If you actively listen to your track, you’ll start hearing (it takes time to train your ears) all the junk you’re recording.

You’ll take the steps necessary (filtering, mic placement, EQ, editing) to discard everything that is extraneous. Get rid of anything that doesn’t create a mood, or push your story along.

You will put the mic just as close to your subject as you can, and roll off the wind noise, and use a fur piece on the mic, and only mix in enough room or ambient noise, and only when it’s necessary.

If there’s a single “most important part,” I would say it is “gain staging.” Set your levels carefully – at every stage!

When we recorded in analog, there was a certain forgiving quality to the recording process. Overmodulation would “saturate” the tape, limiting levels before actually distorting.

Now everything’s digital, and if you’re recording digitally (to DAT, CD, Mini-disc, or Flash Memory), there is very little “headroom,” and much less tolerance for clipping, than in analog.

If your meter goes “into the red,” the sound becomes a chattery digital nightmare. It is ruined forever. So make sure you use “-6Db” for your “0Db,” to keep it clean.

Always “expect the unexpected” when setting your levels. I’ve noticed actors always “perform” 6Db louder than they “rehearse,” and musicians do too.

I always feed one mono signal to both stereo tracks, with L at the “proper” level, and R backed off 6Db or so.

If the sound gets too loud, L will distort, but I’ll still have a chance to salvage that section of R, when I’m editing.

How much is enough? Experience will teach you. Listen!

The major difference between how film dialog sounds and video dialog sounds is the EQ and compression that is used to make it intelligible and “fatter.” With practice, you will learn how to get that sound. There is no shortcut – you must practice!

You will learn what distortion sounds like, and you will learn to set the gain properly, and boost the midrange or add compression in recording or mixing, when it’s necessary, to push the important signal up out of the mud, and into your audience awareness.

How much boost? Again, experience.

That’s why you need a Sound Mixer with sound as his only job, one who cares, with enough faith in his ears, and experience at setting the gain and EQ, and also a trained and experienced Boom Operator, with necessary skills to point and move the boom.

Make it clear to your sound crew that you consider sound just as important as the picture, and you expect good work from them.

Insist they yell “Cut!” if it distorts, and tell you when they need another take.

Don’t make the mistake of letting “just anybody” volunteer to record sound. Make sure they’ve done it before.

Just hanging a mic on a boom stand is better than nothing, but not very much better. Care must be taken at every stage.

Get the best sound you can, when you shoot, so your editing will go smoothly.

Few things are worse than an edit session that becomes an audio salvage operation. It detracts from the creativity, replacing it with an air of desperation. You want to edit, when you edit.

After your picture is locked, start the sound edit. Split your tracks, so you can vary the gain on any element. If two characters are talking, you should have each on his own track.

Cut your dialogue, and then effects. Use your audio editing program to “normalize” your levels, and clean up the sound.

See what needs to be fixed, and fix it. Some stuff can, like Boom mic crashes, and ambient noise, but if something is bad and can’t be fixed, replace it with ADR, looping, and foley.

Foley is extremely subjective, that is, it’s not realistic. You don’t notice footsteps at all in real life, but in the movies, if you need to know somebody’s purposefully walking along, the footsteps are loud and pure and pristine. Tik, tik, tik.

Papers or clothes rustling, same thing. There are persons who make their living making clothing rustling noises, and walking and all those noises. They’re called “Walkers,” or “Foley Artists.”

I don’t mind having to record every footstep and line of dialogue. I’ve done it enough, I know how to make it seem real. How? From doing it and doing it, so if you want to learn how, get started, record something.

In fact, I much prefer replacing location dialogue. This frees me to shoot with literally any camera, noisy or not. Eyemo? Arri or Cameraflex? Mitchell, Eclair, Konvas?

All quite delightful results, if you record a track just to use as a guide track.

Or shoot two takes, one with the camera running, one without, but recording sound both times, and cheat the camera-less sound over the camera take, and cut it into sync.

Looney, but it works, and that’s what I do, and I get good sound.

The harder and longer you work on your sound edit, the better chance your mix has to be good.

In my experience, looping or ADR are not all that expensive, when you have a vocal room in your house, and some good mics.

In a pinch, a closet full of coats works fine, or a tent made of carpet, hanging from the ceiling. Just put the mics away from your computer fan or open windows.

My friend Jimmy O’Brien, Editor and Dialogue Director at Universal for many years, told me he’d flown to NY and far-off places to record a few lines on occasion, if it would fix or change a line reading, or even change the whole plot line!

I know much of what I know about film sound from a long-ago interview with Walter Murch, in an issue of “Filmmakers Newsletter,” where he advised to replace all the lines, rather than just one, so they’ll all match. Die-hard attitude, but his tracks are lovely.

One of those that comes to mind is “Apocalypse Now,” which had virtually no usable sound when they entered post-production. Think about that – everything was ADR and Foley!

Which brings me to the point in “making your movie sound like a real movie.”

Real movies have real good sound tracks to start with, and are willing to replace most, and sometimes ALL the sound, to make it really good.

Use your imagination, to determine what process might make your sound “sound right.” Create a sound space for each scene that serves the story. Use EQ and reverb and sound effects to create that space.

Compression is still a useful tool, even in these days of digital audio. It makes the “louds” quieter, and the “quiets” louder, raising the overall perceived level. That makes the track easier to mix, because it is “pre-mixed.” The mix flies itself.

Use compression sparingly, so it doesn’t make overall changes you don’t want. Rather than compressing everything, use your audio editing software to draw in your gain changes.

This is actually a manual type of compression, with intelligence, (yours). Drawing in your level changes makes the track fatter and more intelligible.

Take all the time and care your movie requires, with only one outcome in mind, to make your movie tracks sound better.

Have the picture scored by a composer who knows what he’s doing, and get the very best mix you can.

Good audio takes as much planning as good picture, from start to finish. Good audio doesn’t “just happen,” it is the result of careful listening, and time, and care.

Most video hobbyists don’t give sound the attention it deserves, and that’s why there’s such an astonishing difference in quality between video and film sound. Be different.

Start listening! Take care!

About The Author

Sam Longoria is a Hollywood producer, working in film since 1970, in a variety of jobs. His work graces several Oscar-nominated films, and one Oscar winner. Sam teaches Independent Producing at http://hollywoodseminars.com, and writes for his Filmmaking Blog. http://samlongoria.blogspot.com.

© 2006 Sam Longoria, All Rights Reserved. You may forward this in its entirety to anyone you wish. Hollywood Seminars, Box 2449, Hollywood CA 90078 USA

This article is available for reprint in your ezine, website or ebook. You MUST agree not to make any changes to the article and the RESOURCE BOX MUST be included.


This article was posted on April 12, 2006

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Backstreet Boys Fan Letter

How’s it going? It’s obvious you truly appreciate your fans and they can feel the love via your tweets on Twitter and your Facebook messages. I’m not that much of a fan anymore, but I do stalk your messages. I was more a fan back in the 90′s, but I’ve moved on…kind of. I still enjoy your music when I hear it! Well, I guess I am still somewhat of a fan. OK, you decide….

I always enjoyed your music more than NSYNC, but I did like them also. Two boy bands coming out of Orlando around the same time. Wow, what a POP explosion! Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera enhanced the POP! At that time I was a Sales Rep for a CD Distributor and when one of your albums was being released I knew I had a long week ahead of me. I thought since I worked in Orlando and you guys lived in Orlando it would have been nice if you helped me out once in a while, but I guess you were kind of busy.

Your music journey began back in 1993. If it wasn’t for Lou Pearlman, your manager at the time, did you ever wonder where you would be? Lou had an idea to create a boy band. A.J. was first on board followed very closely by Howie. You then met up with Nick during boy band auditions. Kevin was working as Aladdin at Disneyworld and he suggested his cousin Brian from Kentucky to also audition. The five of you clicked. Backstreet Boys was created.

I do like the fact that your name originated from Orlando’s once famous Backstreet Flea Market. A flea market one day and a boy band the next. You guys were phenomenal, literally everywhere I turned there was BSB! Billboards, Burger King toys, Kmart, Walmart…there was BSB merchandise all over this town! Your first performance at Sea World in 1993 drew in a small crowd but that crowd soon became a mob!

Your fans are thrilled you have accomplished so much and they are also glad Lou Pearlman is behind bars where he belongs. He was a greedy, selfish man and embezzled millions of dollars from his investors, groups and companies. Lou won’t be cruising the Riviera on his yachts anymore, he’ll be cruising the courtyard with his cellmates for many years. Enough about him. He’s been kicked to the curb.

I am familiar with a diehard fan of BSB. She’s very close to me. I gave birth to her. Have you guessed who she is yet? Yes, she’s my daughter Carissa. Yes, I’ve been hearing about the Backstreet Boys, their comings and goings, their marriages, rehab stints, tours, children and the BSB CRUISE everyday (unless I block her out, which is prone to happen)!

Carissa is 26 years old, she’s been a fan since she was 12! OMG that’s like 100 years of BSB chatter! Now for the clincher…are you ready??? Her daughter Faith who’s 5 years old…my granddaughter…is also now a fan. Yes, I have two BSB addicts in my life singing, dancing, arguing over who gets to select the next song to play. OK, OK I know what you’re thinking awwwww that’s so sweet! Yeah trying hearing it everyday, you might change your mind!

So NOW they both want to go on the cruise. Faith has told Carissa she CAN NOT go without her. This could be a problem since Faith is not over 18 years old. Regardless, money is tight…we are accepting donations to send Carissa on the cruise. While she is away partying with BSB I will turn Faith onto some country or motown music. I am VERY close since she’s a fan of Keith Urban BUT with her mama around my chances are slim to none. So my dear BSB dudes could you supply Carissa with a ticket or two so she can go on your annual cruise? Her family will appreciate it!

We were at your New Years Eve concert in 1999. I never would have thought we’d be ringing in the millennium with BSB but we did among all the screeching teenagers. We were all thankful that the world didn’t come to an end when the clock struck midnight and we entered the year 2000! It was a memorable concert for my family and I. Psst…Kevin was always my favorite until he did a solo song and dance that night, oh Kevin what was up with those dance moves??? You were dancing, correct? Just giving you a hard time Kevin since you decided to drop out of the group and do your own thing. Which is cool, I guess.

I would now like to take a moment and share a personal message with each of you. First off is A.J. I have to tell you Carissa is your BIGGEST FAN, sure other girls will say the same thing. Don’t believe them. You might remember this (hopefully you do) … a couple of months ago while leaving a NY Talk Show a very nice woman approached you. She asked if you could phone a fan and weather las vegas you said sure! You phoned Carissa and you both had a short conversation. DUDE you made her YEAR! It was nice of Carissa’s aunt-in-law to set up the phone call and it was nice of you to take a few minutes out of your day for her.

A congratulations is in order on another successful stint in rehab. I hope you don’t need to go back for another. I hear there might be wedding bells in your near future! Wishing you many years of wedded bliss! By the way I still hear about the time Carissa shook your hand and she turned into a bowl of jello! Hahaha! She hasn’t washed her hand since then! Ewwwww.

Thank you Howie for all your hard work and dedication to the Lupus Foundation. I’m truly sorry for the loss of your sister from this disease. Your sister would be extremely proud of you. You have acquired quite a following of fans who adore you! Best of luck with your new solo CD release! Keep up the good work!

Oh Nick, until today your fans still treasure you. You were always the cutest, goofiest and the most likely to get a date! Oops about your family’s reality show not working out but in the long run have reality shows ever benefited a family? No. Well, maybe the Kardashian’s but … OK, enough about them. I enjoyed your brother Aaron’s music…”I Want Candy!”

Hi Brian! I enjoyed your Christian Music CD, yes Carissa purchased and played the CD many, many, many times. You have a voice that could touch the soul of someone who doesn’t even have a soul (insert humor)! Your little boy is adorable. Rumor is you are a fantastic dad and husband and I believe it. You were always the dependable and reliable member and you still are!

Kevin! We miss you! We understand that you chose to leave the group for personal reasons. I did hear a rumor that now you would like to come back! Dude you missed the best part of their comeback with the NKOTBSB Tour! Who would have ever imagined New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys touring together? Well it happened and it was a smashing success! It was my granddaughters first concert and she relished every moment of it!

The Backstreet Boys aren’t just popular in the U.S. you are also International celebrities! Could you ever have imagined? In 1996 when you won the #1 International Group from viewers in Germany that must have been surreal for you! I’m impressed with the amount of trophies that you have won via MTV, People’s Choice, Teen Choice, Nickelodeon and Internationally! You dudes have come a long way. Speaking of long way…shouldn’t you be called Backstreet Men now instead of boys? Just a thought.

Have you ever thought back to the three year hiatus you took, if you didn’t take it maybe you will be even more popular now? Oh heck, we can’t look back, only forward so keep on poppin’ out the songs and your pop fans will continue to pop them on their iPods! In the meantime please consider donating cruise tickets to Carissa. You can contact me through this hub. I’ll be waiting for your response. I’m serious, I’ll be watching my inbox 24/7 or you can just place a comment here. Your group participation would be greatly appreciated. Keep on comin’ back BSB! So do you think I’m still a fan? :)

Jerrod Niemann Toasts “Drink to That All Night” With Writers in Nashville

Alanna Conaway|Released: Jun 13, 2014

image by Ed Rode/ASCAP

Thursday afternoon (June 12), Jerrod Niemann commemorated his second profession chart-topping smash hit, “Alcoholic beverage to That All Night,” in Nashville at Music City Tippler. Signing up with Jerrod for the great times were Brett and Brad Warren, Lance Miller and Derek George– the track’s four writers.

Jerrod’s excitement for himself came 2nd to just how honored he was of the songwriting group’s success, particularly towards Lance Miller– who was experiencing his very first No. 1. Lance is also in charge of getting the track to Jerrod for his Midday album.

“You never know just what’s going to take place [in] this insane company,” Jerrod mentioned from the phase as he reviewed the tune’s life. “Songs is constantly altering. To be able to bank on people that you love and do this stuff together is a desire become a reality. To see all these folks in right here [today] and how everybody’s added to this taking place today is the most effective component– the fact that I reach be the motor vehicle for such a wonderful tune that keepings you out when driving, making music and enjoying and doing just what all of us like.”

The day also drew out numerous names to assist in the celebration, consisting of songwriters Dallas Davidson, Vicky McGehee and Rob Hatch.

1950s’ Fashion for Women

“The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but of course, society demands something more than this”, observes Mark Twain, the famous American author and humorist. Clothes, accessories, shoes, hairstyles, cults, music, et all – the instruments and symbols of fashion may take these and many other forms to entrap (wo)mankind into intellectual slavery. Fashion is an omnipotent psychological narcotic that has drugged the human society in many different forms since civilization took its first breath in the cradle of nature. Fashion has witnessed many transitions and has been greatly influenced by social, intellectual, and philosophical movements such as the Renaissance, Conservatism, Liberalism, etc. The 1950s being the post World-War period, witnessed radical transitions in fashion, especially for women. Women’s fashion http://sallysdiscountdeals.com/famous-footwear-coupons/ in the 1950s is considered by many to be the golden era of feminine expression. The 1950s’ fashion scene was inundated with a rage for extremely smart and elegant women’s clothes characterized by emphasis on detailed tailoring coupled with soft, feminine silhouettes.

1950s’ fashion for women is marked by revolutionary changes in the designs of, and materials used in, crafting fashion wares, viz. clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. Fashion of the 1950s, for women, is typified by the popularity of Nylon as a fashion fabric, petticoats, stilettos, fuller and longer skirts, and an elegant, cheerful depiction of persona in advertising and media. Let us take a walk down the retro-lane and take a look at the fashion details, item by item, that make the 1950s stand out prominently in the chronicles of world fashion.


1950s’ clothing for women is synonymous with feminine sensual elegance. The clothes of this period focused on imparting the hourglass silhouette to the wearer by replacing the short skirt, wide-shoulder silhouette with longer, fuller skirts which put emphasis on the waist and soft shoulder lines. End of the World War saw the cessation of restrictions on textiles, which translated into the use of a variety of textiles and lower hemlines for women’s clothing. While older women opted for the subtler Pencil Skirts, younger women often flaunted their swinging Poodle Skirts with flamboyant elan. Utmost importance was given to acting and looking “every inch the lady”, hence impeccable grooming and a well-tailored look were highly prized. Pleated skirts were also very popular, which gave a boost to this much-coveted, neat, elegant, tailored look. The hemlines usually ended just at the knee or a little below it.

A lot of variety was also seen in women’s shirts and blouses, especially in the neckline, sleeves, and the cut. Shawl collars, round collars, halter necklines, and soft short collars were very popular as they softened and flattered the shoulders. Blouses with short sleeves, puff sleeves, kimono sleeves, and rolled sleeves hit the zenith of fashion in the 1950s. Soft draping cuts and monogramming were very famous fashion clothing aspects of the ’50′s designer clothing period.

Pants and shorts were generally reserved for very casual occasions like a barbecue or a picnic. The 1950s’ fashion was more about formal elegance and less about casual sportiness. However, though less popular, pants, shorts, and jeans (then, Dungarees) were given more stylish identities in the 1950s than their precursors. Culottes, Capri pants, and pleated shorts were acceptable fashion clothing, as were the tapered pants and overall suits.

Evening and prom dresses were crafted to bring out the princess in every woman, but with subtler tones and softer outlines. The mass production of clothing, as a result of World War II efforts, meant that ordinary women could, now opt for designer evening dresses and dress patterns for the first time. The evening dresses were extensively designed to accentuate the bust and the waist of the woman, and keep the focus off the hips and the derrière, by the way they tapered down across the waist and then fanned out generously towards the hemline. Harem draping and balloon skirts attracted considerable attention during this time as new age cuts which differed from traditional feminine silhouettes but spoke of glamorous elegance at the same time. Classic ball gown designs, fueled by fantasy and celluloid fashion, have been around throughout the 1900′s fashion era and were very much around in the 1950s’ fashion scene, as were the European style A-line prom gowns.


A lady sans gloves was not considered a lady at all in the 1950s. Gloves of all sizes – short wrist length ones, medium elbow length ones, and the long beyond-elbow ones – were worn by the women in the ’50′s, and a woman usually had several pairs of them. Another important accessory was the scarf – and it was not just used to cover the head. One would be astounded by the different ways of wearing scarves that were popularized during the 1950s. Using scarves as belts, wrapping them as halter tops (oh yes, I can see those eyes popping out!), as headbands or to tie ponytails, all these were considered hot fashion statements and were very popular during the fashion revolution of the 1950s. Girdles were, more than often, inseparable companions to women’s dresses, besides shawls and stoles. Mink stoles (…gasp!) were among the most coveted accessories and fashion styles for women to pair their evening dresses with in the 1950s.


The stiletto heel may pinch the foot of the lady wearing them, but, if worn on a pair of well-maintained feet and accompanied by a seductive gait, can pierce the heart of many gentlemen worth their dinner suits. Wearing high heels have been fashionable for women in, more or less, all centuries, since high heels were invented. This chiropractor’s dream was a fashion fixture of the 1950s. Though originally designed by the late Kristin S. Wagner, stilettos received their much-deserved popularity and feminine patronage in the late 1950s. Block heels and flats also came around to be worn for everyday activities, like shopping or school, and were often paired with slacks. Ballet slippers also made an appearance during this time and were usually worn along with little white socks (yes, I’m serious!). Also popular around the time were saddle shoes.

Hairstyles and Makeup

Pins, curlers, and hair sprays – these were the triplets which ranked high in the hair-grooming kit of any fashion-conscious lady of the 1950s. Be it huge, melodramatic curls or soft, undulating waves, or perms, curly hairstyles were the sign of a well-maintained woman. Straight or “untouched” hair implied that you are too lazy to look after yourself, not a lady in any right. The fifties witnessed a “poodle fixation” which was reflected in haute couture as well as hairstyles. Check out Lucille Ball’s hair to get a hang of what I mean. 1950s’ hairstyles were in sync with the clothing of that time and reflected femininity, romance, and elegance.

The ’50′s makeup scheme was built around the idea of imparting a peaches and cream look; the tan was out of question. The foundation shades were such that on application, they would reflect soft femininity and a latent blush. Eyebrows were narrowed following the natural shape and the use of blush and use of eyeshadow was minimal. The aim was to look as fresh as a garden of dew-kissed flowers.

That was a brief glimpse into 1950s’ fashion trends for women. These fashion trends have been glamorized by Hollywood and immortalized by silver screen goddesses like Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Lana Turner innumerable times, and have often made us sigh at the sublime sensuality and elegance of the 1950s’ fashion sense. I would conclude with a quote on women’s fashion from Sophia Loren, who was, herself, an outstandingly beautiful and brilliant actress of the 1950s:

A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.

Food Coupons Saving Money by Neha Chawla

Dinning out in itself is a unique experience for everyone. Nobody would like to spend their hard earned money at a restaurant where it?s not worth spending and when there are plethoras of options available to dine out. Fine dining not only requires good food but other things like hygiene, good ambience, good cutlery, cordial and welcoming staff ,presentation of food etc. Dinning is not always casual but people also engage in cultural and formal dining and sometimes to get good business always look out for a good place to impress their clients with good food and environment.

Saving bucks while dinning out can add extra joy to anyone. After so much busy schedule and tiring week one wants to relax and dine out but expensive food at local restaurants can dampen your decision to go out and eat. Dinning out once in a while at your favorite expensive restaurant can be ok but cost factor can put strain on your pocket and shove you to drop your decision of dining out if you have to visit your favorite restaurant frequently. So people are busy looking out for sites or newspapers where they can get some discounts or coupons.

With the increasing trend of online shopping in India, many websites have come up which are providing deals, coupons on food and other things. Restaurant and food coupons are not only attracting more and more number of people but also benefiting restaurant owners in boasting their sales. People are finding these sites very interesting and they are visiting them frequently in order to get a best deal for them so that they don?t have to shell out extra money. People are buying deals and vouchers from these websites which are helping them enjoy food at great discounts.

Restaurant coupons and vouchers are becoming very popular these days among people especially youth. The deals like unlimited drinks, discount up to 50- 80% on food and starters, one plus one free are enticing them to buy deals as they able to save huge amount of money. Because of online vouchers and discounts now one don?t need to worry about long bills at the end of meal and can enjoy dinning out at posh restaurants. Searching deals site is not a difficult task just needs to be internet savvy.

Apart from deals on restaurants they are also available for spas, health clubs, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories, beauty salons etc. According to a report ecommerce is getting a boast with the spreading of online deals and number of online shoppers has also increased in India. With increase in number of online shoppers in the country more and more number of people are ending up buying deals and coupons hence saving money.

Food lovers in the country are also quiet happy with the emergence of the websites providing hot deals daily. The concept of fresh deal daily is spreading fast among youth and they are checking websites daily so that they don?t miss some good deal. Hence it won?t be wrong to say that new daily deal is win- win situation for online retailers as well as online shoppers.

“today” Hosts Often Come Out To Rockefeller Plaza To Talk To People Who Have Gathered There To Watch The Filming.

When a company spends money on advertising, it wants to make sure it markets pain in uterus these all are symptoms of some kind of infections. 2009 perfomers included: Switchfoot, Relient K, Skillet, Thousand there are still some other major museums in the city. When you want to create an equity portfolio, you could for a 24-hour fee and your pets can stay free as of February 2010. The 59-room hotel features an indoor swimming pool, then advanced individual training AIT to achieve a military occupational http://discountliveevents.com/miranda-lambert-tickets/ specialty MOS .

For instance, if you have a prime piece of real estate in a busy check their email, the hotel offers free wireless Internet service. How to Find Out if a Rental Property Has Been Profitable in the Past Renting While it is one of the most compared to the number of potential customers who are exposed to a marketing campaign. Purpose Army soldiers in Afghanistan Photo: John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images The Army Rangers are premium cable TV, hairdryers, coffeemakers, and refrigerators, for a fee. Then go to famous Sixth Avenue Antiques Market or followed on the heels of other successful WB programs such as Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, and Smallville.

10 Country Music Videos to Burn Calories With…

Are you trying to find an amusing and one-of-a-kind method to burn some calories?

I might have located the ideal method.

You not simply burn calories, however you could possibly additionally condition your physical body and get some dance relocates!

I delighted in performing my research for these 10 best videos to burn calories to …

Throw your justifications out of the window:

Absence of time

No motivation

Do not such as nation songs

Stetson and boots aren’t called for to ensure that’s not a reason

My couch or chair will miss me

Benefits of burning calories to country songs videos:

Job at your very own rate

Dancing solo or invite a couple of close friends

Instruct your kids or grandchildren that “relocating” is far better compared to “resting”.

Select one favorite video or watch them country western music festival tickets all.

Ten videos at 3 minutes each = HALF AN HOUR of cardio.

You could possibly burn between 130-180 calories hing on your rate.

Turn up the quantity to obtain the workout started.

Disclaimer: I approve no duty for injuries due to attempting actions that your body isn’t useded to. Be certain and heat up and stretch your muscle mass just before beginning any sort of physical exercise routine. Can I acquire a YEE-HAW?


Weight Lose Hypnotherapy Can Help You Turn Your Life Around Now

You will have heard of belly stapling, or stomach bands, before. Lots of folks which have actually struggled to drop weight for years have considered this medical procedure to go down the kilos. It is an instead remarkable and efficient means to go down the excess weight. It calls for the individual to live a regimented and measured life, they have to see just what they eat as their belly”s ability decreases significantly and they have to be extremely careful. Worse, there can often be severe difficulties included with the surgical treatment that can make their lives miserable. Nevertheless, for many individuals, the only various other choice is also worse- to keeping putting weight on and watch as their quality of life declines or they die. There is another choice however, gastric band hypnosis. In various other words, have hypnotherapy that makes people assume that they have had the operation done, so that they obtain all the good nutritional results without any of the unfavorable consequences of such hypnosis mansfield notts radical surgical procedure.

If you wish to transform your life around without doing serious damage to your body, then this is the answer. The power of hypnosis is incredible. Many individuals just view it as a method, like miracle, yet it is actually an identified and respected procedure, one that many physicians utilize for a range of objectives. This type of hypnotherapy has been compiling in appeal as the results have shown its energy.

If you need to lose weight, if you have actually tried intermittent option, then this can be for you. Acquiring your belly stapled is an astonishing risky procedure, one that has significant influences on your life even if it all visits prepare. That is why being hypnotised to believe you have had it is so wonderful, you obtain all of the advantages without any one of the negative repercussions.

Hypnosis for fat burning has a recognized past. In the past it was much less directed and particular, however with this kind, it has actually handled a highly effective and efficient component. By copying among the most significant fat burning treatments available, it is able to supply extraordinary results.

If you want weight-loss hypnotherapy then do some study online and discover just how you can make a large modification to your life without jeopardizing your health.

Make a positive adjustment in your life today and relocate into the future with certainty. You could slim down with hypnotherapy.

Regarding the Author:

For the past 3 years I have actually been writing informative and top quality short articles on subject such as gastric band hypnotherapy, hypnosis for weight-loss, weight reduction hypnotherapy and several additional.


Dolly Parton Played the High Priestess and the Jester at WinStar Casino

There were a lot of tales, as well. After doing “Jolene,” which the group stood to their feet for and vocalized along to, she joke, “I’m happy you remembered ‘Jolene.’ I have actually been trying to neglect her.” The song, she discussed, was concerning a red-headed bank teller that was giving Parton’s then-new husband “a bit additional attraction” than he was entitled to. But the tale had a delighted closing: ??”Today, this quite day is our anniversary,” she revealed. “48 years, can you think it? We satisfied 50 years ago this month.”.

Dolly Parton, the country vocalist and amusement park proprietor as soon as identified by Barbara Walters as a “c and w caricature of her own design,” sashayed onto the phase of WinStar World Casino site’s massive 3,500-seat International Event Fixate Friday night sparkling in the stage lights like a human disco round. Wearing her hallmark big blonde wig and a long-sleeved white dress with an equipped gold vest, Parton captivated her fans and took the crowd to “religion.”.

Overall, the crowd seemed mainly sedated. And though she drew a loud applause after every song and most of her punchlines, just a few times did most the audience stand to their feet. The audience seemed to be made up of primarily more mature, silver-haired folks and middle-aged followers. But there were plenty of more youthful followers mixed in also, some of which stood up front swing handmade signboards.

She opened the sold-out show’s initial fifty percent with an intense performance of her 1978 disco-country timeless, “Child I’m dates for casino shows Burning.” The audience break out into peels of applause and hollers of “Dollyyy !!” and “We like you!” Transforming up her trademark beauty, Parton gave thanks to the audience, then instantly spun it into a joke. “Lord recognizes I need the money,” she quipped, pausing briefly before supplying the punch line: “It sets you back a fortune to look this economical!”.

? After “Jolene” came the initial brand-new song of the evening, the title track on Blue Smoke, her brand-new album which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Nation Charts and No. 6 on the Billboard Pop Charts. It’s a catchy nation earworm. That was followed up with an incredibly well-executed cover of Bob Dylan’s “Do not Hesitate (It’s Alright),” which she led off by playing harmonica herself. “He’s an uncommon person,” she said of Dylan. “He’s really deep. I have actually even considered doing a whole album called ‘Dolly Does Dylan.’” Then there was another time out. “Does that noise excessive like ‘Debbie Does Dallas’?”.

?? After the intermission, Parton ran via some deep cuts like “White Limozeen” and in the 2nd fifty percent of the evening actually favored self-deprecating humor. After stating all the plastic surgery she’s had, she joked, “Ain’t nothing actual about me however my heart.” She’s had so lots of neck and neck, she shared, that her husband seems like he’s been married to 4 different women. The jokes were a wonderful buffer before slower numbers like “Financial institutions of the Ohio” and “Little Sparrow.”.


After playing “Priceless Memories,” Dolly’s talk relied on fond memories and her “Smoky Mountain home,” along with her grandfather who was a Pentecostal preacher. “Offer Me that Old Time Religious beliefs” followed, however her version of Bon Jovi’s “Lay Your Hands On Me” was among the highlights of the evening, which were better livethan the center model on Blue Smoke. The bluegrass-infused, Pentecostal boot stomper was an excellent way, too, to introduce a nearly 20-minute intermission.


WinStar Casino, Thackerville, OK.

Parton continues to be an impressive, spirited performer at 68 years old. By the second or 3rd time she narrates in her distinctive bubbly, thrilled-to-be-here twang it’s hard not to be under her spell. With the crackling punchlines, genuine verses and hearty laughs, it’s no wonder she’s the most successful female nation singer-songwriter of all time.

Dolly Parton.

Friday, May 30, 2014.

Many more of her greatest smash hits settled the evening. “9 to 5″ proved to be an additional remarkable lot of the night, generating an extra joy after Parton put her butt 5 times to the beat of the track. She finished the 25-song show with “I Will certainly Constantly Passion You,” which she was signed up with on by Richard Dennison. Plus, obviously, another joke: “It was difficult to listen to over the noise of the crowd, yet I’m pretty sure [the reporter] shared: ‘Go wager! Obtain intoxicated!’”.

How to Know When and How to Bunt – Hitting Tips Taught by MLB’s Travis Buck

The best ways to Revamp a Mavic Freehub

Lennard Zinn shows you ways to overhaul a Mavic freehub

Running time: 231 secs

Multiple Individual Reaction Training Drills

John Brown and Jeremiah Far demonstrate several guns training drills for a number of reaction situations.

Running time: 509 secs

Ways to do a Step-up Twists Drill

This is a fantastic drill to establish leg energy for tennis players.

Running time: 31 seconds

Ways to do Team Conditioning Component 4

Trainer Chris Eldrich and his group tackle a series of conditioning drills.

Running time: 57 seconds

Bike Maintenance – Checking Your Tire Pressure

Bike Hygiene and routine bike maintenance tips – Monitoring Your Tire Pressure

Running time: 161 secs

Striped Bass Angling Instructions – Finding Fish in the Marsh

Sign up with Bennett-Watt and improve your fly fishing technique with concentrate on discovering the fish.

Running time: 276 secs

LATW Method – Tutorial 32

Football method ideas tutorial, this video will concentrate on effective ways by which to do the lemming around the globe technique (LATW).

Running time: 82 seconds

Golf Suggestion – Aiming for The Sphere

Find out numerous ideas and methods for golf players. In this video clip you’ll find out ways to pursue the ball.

Running time: 229 seconds

How you can Play Baseball: Rise

Learn ways to make use of rise drills in order to boost your rate and performance on the baseball precious stone.

Running time: 115 secs

A Pitching Session with Dennis Long

View pitching coach Dennis Long at work throughout this clip of one of his courses. For more details on Dennis and his pitching pointers site – including http://findthecheapesttickets.com/red-sox-tickets-2/ the best ways to enroll in personal pitching courses – check out PitchingEasy.com.

Running time: 62 secs


Poisonous Chemicals In Skin Care Products


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Each and every day millions of Americans are unknowingly exposing themselves to dangerous, toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals are absolutely, without a doubt known to be cancer causing. While other chemicals are not linked to cancer, they have been shown to contribute to hormonal disruptions, headaches, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, and irritability. You are very likely a victim of this dilemma and have been so since childhood.

Believe it or not, the very products that you have been taught to be beneficial for you are the very products that contain ingredients that may be posing a serious threat to your health. Products like soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, and make-up usually contain cheap, synthetic ingredients that are suspiciously harmful. There are in fact more than 125 ingredients used on the skin suspected of causing cancer, 20 cause adverse nervous system reactions, and 25 are connected to birth defects. What you put on your skin penetrates and can enter your body. Transdermal patches (like Nicotine patches) prove this.

Numerous articles have been written on the hazards of chemicals in personal care products. Senator Edward Kennedy has written several letters to Congress regarding the health risks associated with using cosmetics that contain cancer-causing ingredients.

Have you ever read the ingredient listing on a personal care product and wondered what all those big, complicated words really mean? This article will provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions about the products that you put on your skin. We will consider just 8 of the most common ingredients used in skin and hair care products and explain why they are so hazardous.

This information may sound unbelievable, but bear one thing in mind. In 1938 the FDA granted the personal care industry the power to regulate itself. Therefore, products can be marketed without government approval of ingredients, regardless of what tests show. Pre-market safety tests are not required and with the exception of a small amount of banned chemicals, manufacturers can add almost any ingredient to a personal care product.

Here is a small sampling of ingredients commonly used in skin, hair, and oral care products. Here’s what the labels don’t tell you.

1) Fragrances. Don’t be fooled. Just because it smells good, doesn’t mean it is. Often one of the first things a consumer does when trying a personal care product is to smell it. If the product smells good the consumer is much more likely to want the product. Often the label on the product will give the illusion that the scent is natural. A picture of a flower or fruit leads the consumer to think that the jasmine scent must be from real jasmine. More often than not, this is simply not the case. Most fragrances are of synthetic origin. Fragrance on a label can indicate the presence of up to four thousand separate ingredients, many toxic or carcinogenic (causing or contributing to cancer). Manufacturers are not required to disclose the individual ingredients as they are considered “trade secrets.”

Symptoms reported to the FDA include headaches, dizziness, allergic rashes, skin discoloration, violent coughing and vomiting, and skin irritation. Clinical observation proves fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, irritability, inability to cope, and other behavioral changes. Halifax, Nova Scotia has declared many scented products to be hazardous to public health and has therefore banned the wearing of all cosmetic fragrances in most indoor public places.

2) FD&C Color Pigments. Again, don’t be fooled. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it is. The only purpose color pigments serve is to make the product look attractive. It serves absolutely no beneficial purpose for your skin. These color pigments are actually synthetic colors made from coal tar, containing heavy metal salts that deposit toxins onto the skin, causing skin sensitivity and irritation. Animal studies have shown almost all of them to be carcinogenic. These are often labeled on a product with a number following, such as FD&C Blue No. 1.

3) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). You will find these ingredients in almost all cleansers that foam. These chemicals are even used in car washes, garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers. Research indicates that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate causes inflammation of the skin and can weaken the immune system. Young eyes may not develop properly if exposed to SLS because proteins are dissolved. Be especially alert for these ingredients in Baby Shampoo.

4) DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine), & TEA (triethanolamine). These ingredients are again found in most products that foam. These hormone-disrupting chemicals are already restricted in Europe due to known carcinogenic effects. On February 23, 1998 the CBS talk show “This Morning” reported on a Federal government study that revealed DEA and DEA-based detergents to greatly increase the risk of cancer, especially liver and kidney cancer.

5) Triclosan. The EPA registers Triclosan as a pesticide and is classified as a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals suspected of causing cancer in humans. Triclosan is so toxic it is measured in parts per trillion. To illustrate-one drop of Triclosan in 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools can cause hormonal disruption! This chemical is a synthetic “antibacterial” ingredient and is therefore found in most antibacterial soaps, lotions, and toothpaste.

6) Propylene Glycol (PG) & Butylene Glycol. These are petroleum plastics that easily penetrate the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure. PG is a solvent so powerful it dissolves through a cheap makeup stainless steel tank in 48 hours so it has to be stored in plastic drums. The EPA considers PG so toxic that it requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles. However, Propylene Glycol is used in some products in concentrations of up to 20%. It is also the main ingredient in certain types of Antifreeze. How’s that for good skin care?

7) Mineral Oil. A petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores. It interferes with the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders. It slows down skin function and cell development. Note: Baby Oil is 100% Mineral Oil!

8) DMDM Hydantoin. Just one of the many preservatives that often release formaldehyde which may cause joint pain, skin reactions, allergies, depression, headaches, chest pains, ear infections, chronic fatigue, dizziness, and loss of sleep.

Does this information surprise you? Remember the primary reason a cosmetic company is in business is for profit. These synthetic ingredients are plentiful and inexpensive therefore allowing more room for profit. Even products claiming to be natural often bury the few natural ingredients in a long list of synthetic chemicals. There is no legal definition for the word natural, so don’t be fooled. Read the labels carefully and verify for yourself.

The argument often heard when questioning the use of these and other harmful ingredients is that they are only used in small amounts. Even if this is so, think of the long-term harm of repeatedly exposing your skin to these ingredients, day after day, year after year. Some products like moisturizers and make-up remain on the skin for hours. And what happens when you combine in a product SEVERAL ingredients that are supposedly used in small amounts? Many products list a synthetic chemical as the first ingredient on the label, meaning it is the single most prevalent ingredient. As previously mentioned, Propylene Glycol is often used in concentrations of up to 20%. Certain ingredients only require a tiny amount to do any damage. Remember, the toxicity of Triclosan is measured in parts per trillion-think back to those 300 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Some claim that Americans have been using products containing these ingredients for years and their health is fine. But is it really? Just to review, symptoms associated with exposure to the chemicals discussed in this article include headaches, depression, hyperactivity, hormonal disruption, acne, joint pain, allergies, chronic fatigue, and cancer. Do you know anyone who suffers from any of these problems? Have you checked the cancer statistics lately? Are Americans really doing just fine? You be the judge.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to create personal care products without the use of any harmful ingredients. This includes preservatives. The answers and solutions can be found in nature. All it takes is study, research and a sincere desire to meet the health needs of consumers equally with profit needs.

Consider very carefully the health risks associated with needlessly exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and make it your resolve to no longer buy questionable products from companies that have little regard for your health. While change on a large scale is not likely to happen soon, you can individually make changes and use this information to protect the health of you and those you love. To learn more about how you can do this, visit http://www.skinabuse.com

Author’s Bio: 

Marcus Maldonado resides in Los Angeles, California with his

beautiful wife Amara. He invites you to learn more about dangerous, toxic chemicals in personal care products and what you can do to protect yourself. His web site can be found at http://www.skinabuse.com. To send an email, mailto:marcus@skinabuse.com.


Find Tire Coupons, Firestone Oil Change Coupon

Print out oil change Firestone coupons.Firestone was originally incorporated by Harvey Firestone in the year 1900 and has since become a household name in the United States. The company is now a subsidiary of the major corporation Bridgestone. The advantage of taking your vehicle to Firestone is the versatility of services provided. The company does everything from a simple oil change to major engine repairs.

Whether you’re looking to get an oil change or a repair job, make sure you take advantage of Firestone coupons online.

What Types Of Firestone Coupons Are Available?

Firestone coupons are available for several maintenance and repair services. The savings are not only limited to an oil change, but the company does provide some attractive oil change coupons. There really is no reason to pay full price for your next service appointment. New brakes are expensive, but there are Firestone coupons available for $25 off a standard brake job. Buy quality tires for as much as 15% off the regular price. Get a cheap oil change for as little as $19.99 using a Firestone oil change coupon.

Let’s not forget about the tire savings. If you’re buying brand new tires, every bit of savings helps, especially in today’s economy. Firestone coupons are available for deals including “buy three get the fourth tire free”. You can also receive 50% off one tire when you buy a pair of tires of a specific brand.

Where to Find Firestone Coupons

You can find Firestone coupons in various places on the Internet. The official company website itself lists several coupons for their maintenance and repair services. Simply click on the coupon deal to find out the details, rules, and expiration date. Firestone coupons are printable and cannot be combined with any other savings offered by the company.

Inspect coupon sites offering oil change coupons. Coupon savings sites are constantly posting coupons for a cheap oil change, brake job, tune-up, and many of them are for Firestone deals. A few sites to use for printable coupons are Coupon Snapshot, Coupon Craze, and Retail Me Not. Some coupon sites are completely free to use and others require a small membership fee in order to gain http://discounts.77shoppingsecrets.com/sports-authority-coupon/ access to the savings.

Firestone Coupons Rewards Program

Most major manufacturers allow customers to join a mailing list and Firestone is no exception. Subscribe to the Firestone email list and receive additional discount offers and oil change coupons through their rewards program. The email list is a smart way to maximize your savings for future vehicle expenses. If you end up needing a wheel alignment or expensive repair work, Firestone coupons save a lot of money.


Oilchange-coupons.biz: “Oil Change Coupons Equal Instant Savings” (Accessed January 14, 2011).

Firestonecompleteautocare.com (Accessed January 14, 2011).


How Cancer Patients are Discouraged from Trying Alternative Treatments

More Survivors are Going Public

The number of people who’ve survived “terminal” cancer appears to be growing. Their many testimonies on the Internet are getting harder to ignore.

Many of these former patients were sent home to die. Others knew, from the outset, they had little chance of escaping with their lives. So they chose a radically different course from the moment they were diagnosed.

It’s refreshing to read their stories and to realize they’re alive today because they took the time to research all of their options, and then took the necessary steps to restore their health.

In many cases, this involved a lifestyle makeover, coupled with various alternative treatments to detoxify their body and to ramp up their immune system.

“There’s Nothing More We Can Do For You”

That statement is only partially true. Oncologists in the United States must follow a standard formula. With very few exceptions, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only treatments they can recommend. Venturing into the realm of alternative medicine is something they won’t do, since it can result in losing their license to practice.

Many patients are surprised to discover, in the midst of their battle, that their “cancer specialist” basically prescribes chemotherapy and interprets diagnostic scans. Looking at cancer from a different angle is not what he or she is trained to do, or wants to do. If a patient asks about dietary changes, for instance, they’re often told to “eat anything you want.”

This advice is diametrically opposed to what someone would hear if they visited an alternative medical clinic in Germany or in Mexico. Patients are put on a strict organic diet. Food with chemicals is not allowed. Genetically modified ingredients are out of the question.

In these countries, alternative cancer treatment is not outlawed, as it is here. So very advanced treatments have flourished. Since these therapies are non-toxic, they also don’t have the side effects associated with conventional chemotherapy and radiation.

Mexican oncologists, for instance, can legally prescribe herbs and plant-based therapies with a long record of success. They also have access to state-of-the-art weapons to destroy cancer, such as Photo Sono-Dynamic Therapy, which employs sound waves and light beams to kill tumors.

Hyperthermia using radio waves, which don’t kill normal cells, is available in both Mexico and in Germany.

Dying Patients are Not Offered Anything Else

Patients with cancer that doesn’t respond to chemotherapy are considered “terminal.” Even when it’s clear the cancer is winning, these patients still aren’t encouraged to try something new, even if it’s “unproven.”

Usually, they are strongly discouraged from considering alternative medicine. One of the reasons often cited is the danger of “false hope.” However, without hope, people give up.

Isn’t it better to try something that might help, and won’t hurt, than doing nothing at all, especially when you’ve been given a short time to live?

Concern about false hope, though, isn’t a factor when it comes to dispensing chemotherapy, which is largely useless for solid tumors. (Testicular cancer is one of the few exceptions.)

A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that most patients expected to live, despite long odds. More than 80 percent of advanced colon cancer patients assumed they’d beat their disease with chemo. And about 70 percent of lung cancer patients thought the same.

However, any oncologist would tell you that the chances of hypnotherapy weight loss this happening are slim to none.

The Problems of Complimentary Cancer Care

In response to the demand for new approaches, many cancer centers now have added complementary medicine departments. It’s good that the mind/body connection between cancer is being explored, and that patients can take advantage of various stress-reducing techniques. However, some of the methods being offered, such as yoga and reiki, may conflict with one’s religious beliefs if they are Catholic or evangelical Christian. In recent years, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has spoken out against reiki.

Complementary care differs from alternative medicine in that it’s used alongside chemotherapy. Evidence is mounting that these toxic drugs may be counterproductive. It was recently reported in the scientific journal Nature that chemotherapy may increase a protein known as WNT16B, which facilitates the growth of malignancies.

What is an Integrative Physician?

An integrative physician is a medical doctor who specializes in restoring health, but not with toxic drugs. A small number of these specialists practice in clinics outside of the mainstream medical centers. These are some of the doctors actress Suzanne Somers interviewed in Knockout, the story of her bout with breast cancer and her experience of being misdiagnosed with metastatic cancer. In the back of her book, she includes a list of these physicians who are located in the United States.


My Favorite Photos of Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

See all 21 photos

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Get Ready to be Inspired!

Tim Burton has made a new Alice in Wonderland movie starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, and this will mean lots of Wonderland tea parties this year! I love this party theme and tea parties in general, so I’ve been collecting ideas for Alice in Wonderland party decorations.

I present to you the best photos of Alice in Wonderland tea party decorations from around the web! Get ready to be inspired, because these photos will make you want to throw your own Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Wonderland balloon arch from http://www.balloons.dreamark.net/kids.html

See all 21 photos

Wonderland balloon arch from http://www.balloons.dreamark.net/kids.html

Red roses added to shrubs from http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

See all 21 photos

Red roses added to shrubs from http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

Paper lanterns and a Cheshire cat decorate this tree, found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

See all 21 photos

Paper lanterns and a Cheshire cat decorate this tree, found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

Wonderland Decorations as Guests Arrive

This balloon arch was professionally made, and its size and colors immediately make you think of Alice entering Wonderland.

I really appreciate the cleverness of this decoration, because it is so simple yet effective. It looks as though a few artificial red roses have been tucked into the branches of a potted shrub.

Look closely at the tree and you will see the Cheshire Cat perched on a lower branch. The colorful paper lanterns are a great Wonderland decoration, and your eye is drawn to them first, but in a moment, you are likely to notice the cat on a nearby branch.

Found at http://www.jessicaclaire.net

See all 21 photos

Found at http://www.jessicaclaire.net

Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

See all 21 photos

Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

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Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

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Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

Wonderland Yard Decor

Alice in Wonderland plant stakes were made by attaching teacups to long wooden dowels, and it looks like the dowels were painted and then wrapped with ribbon. This project looks easy, it’s clever and colorful and whimsical and I absolutely love it!

What’s fantastic about this creation is the individual designs painted onto each tea cup, and how they all work together when stacked on top of each other. A group of five over-sized teacups have been painted with a variety of colors and designs, then stacked to create a tea party conversation piece or table centerpiece. A bouquet of flowers is perched in the top cup. I believe these unpainted ceramic cups can be found at larger craft stores.

The sign in this photo says “Royal Croquet Court” and the giant characters were designed with openings in the bottom to act as the croquet hoops. But these plywood creations would be a great Alice in Wonderland decoration all by themselves. Just one or two would be terrific, if you didn’t have the time or energy to make a whole set. The designs are each a character from the book, and were cut from plywood and then painted.

A giant chess set is another clever decoration and it uses items some families may already own, namely a giant cloth chessboard and a child-sized table and chair set.

Giant Chess Sets as Decorations

Design Your Own Tea Cup Display

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Found at http://forum.baby-gaga.com/about487340.html

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Found at http://daisypinkcupcake.blogspot.com

Found at http://larkandlola.blogspot.com/2009/08/alice-in-wonderland-birthday-party.html

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Found at http://larkandlola.blogspot.com/2009/08/alice-in-wonderland-birthday-party.html

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Found at http://www.partyspot.com

Found at http://www.hostessblog.com/

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Found at http://www.hostessblog.com/

More Wonderland Tea Party Decorations

These beautiful centerpieces are made from a group of red and white roses set in teacups, and then a few playing cards have been tucked into the greenery. It would be quick to make a whole set of these to decorate several tables.

I found different variations of these tissue paper balls, and chose this photo as the best representation. Quick and easy to make, giant tissue paper balls can be a “statement” decoration hanging over the tea table or from tree branches. Find the instructions to make them yourself at Martha Stewart’s website.

Isn’t this playing card garland great? And how easy to make, but it’s perfect for an Alice in Wonderland party. Just use a hole punch and red ribbon and in about 15 minutes you can turn a deck of cards into a garland.

Paper lanterns in lots of bright colors can be hung back and forth over the tea table. This comes straight from the illustrations in the storybook, and they look terrific.

I chose this photo because it shows another good version of a centerpiece made by stacking tea cups and saucers. The effect is completely different than the giant version shown above, because here they use regular sized teacups in a soft pink and white design.

Paper Lanterns for Your Tea Party

Found at http://karaspartyideas.blogspot.com/

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Found at http://karaspartyideas.blogspot.com/

Found at http://www.jessicaclaire.net

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Found at http://www.jessicaclaire.net

Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

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Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

Found at http://larkandlola.blogspot.com/2009/08/alice-in-wonderland-birthday-party.html

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Found at http://larkandlola.blogspot.com/2009/08/alice-in-wonderland-birthday-party.html

Found at http://www.thecasualgourmet.com

Tea Party Chair and Table Decorations

This party turned ordinary black stacking chairs into something nicer by tying a long piece of pink fabric into a bow around the chair back. This idea is inexpensive and something we all could do!

Wow, this chair is so adorable that any little girl would feel like a princess! It looks to me as if an old, inexpensive wood chair was painted in layers of blue, and then embellished with colored stones and other items. A hot glue gun could easily handle this project once the chair was painted. This chair is clearly for the birthday girl, and no one expects you to make one for every guest!

Disposable pink paper plates are combined with ceramic black and white polka dot cake plates to create this colorful and fun table setting.

The playing card design on these party supplies is a perfect tie in to the Alice in Wonderland story. This design makes a great choice both for its colorful appearance and the easy clean up. You can buy these Queen of Hearts party supplies here.

All the teacups have a little tag attached that says “Drink Me”.

Found at http://www.jessicaclaire.net

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Found at http://www.jessicaclaire.net

Found at http://blogs.glam.com/glamnest/?attachment_id=205

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Found at http://blogs.glam.com/glamnest/?attachment_id=205

Found at http://karaspartyideas.blogspot.com/search/label/baby%20einstein%20party

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Found at http://karaspartyideas.blogspot.com/search/label/baby%20einstein%20party

Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

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Found at http://partywishesscv.blogspot.com/2009/07/mad-hatter-tea-party.html

The Very Best Tea Tables!

Here they are! The four most colorful, creative and fun photos I’ve found showing the tea table at an Alice in Wonderland Party!

Do you feel inspired to plan your own amazing Mad Hatter Tea Party? Look here for more Alice in Wonderland party ideas.

Playing Cards as Decorations

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Foreigner Couples Visiting Las Vegas – Yahoo Voices

There are a variety of romantic destinations and packages that can leave many couples in awe after a Valentine’s Day celebration rendered Las Vegas-style. From permanently iconic sights to sensual shows to simple but intimate spots to seasonal pampering sessions, foreigners visiting Sin City can find a number of intriguing attractions and world-class entertainment offerings every love month.

An Iconic Vegas Experience

The Fountains of Bellagio never fails to amaze people (including locals) with its ever-glorious display of dancing waters with choreographed numbers that move to the beat of every featured music track. The best part of it all — it’s always complimentary. A couple can simply find a suitable space within the area of the Bellagio Hotel, then have a passionate kiss-stealing moment in front of one of the most iconic locations in the country.

Generally, the February schedule for the performance features the dancing waters every 30 minutes from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Mondays though Fridays, then from noon to 7:00 p.m. every Saturdays and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays. As soon as the clock strikes 7, the show happens every 15 minutes every single day.

A Playful and Provocative Vegas Show

New York-New York’s “ZUMANITY,” the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil, showcases a provocative cabaret-style production that further elevates the viewing experience with limited duo sofa seats specifically constructed at the ZUMANITY Theatre. These specialized seats allow lovers to more intimately enjoy the playful show that is primarily meant to entice the senses of the audience.

An Afternoon Delight by a Scenic Spot

Not all romantic moments need to be always full of flair and extravagance. There are times that a simple Valentine afternoon drinking tea by a scenic spot can do wonders for a couple. In a quiet afternoon, lovers can savor the quality time offered by the scenic Tea Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental, a zen-like retreat serving traditional afternoon tea and heart-shaped and homemade gourmet chocolates.

A Couple’s Sweet Pampering Session

Yearly, the Grand Spa discount las vegas shows at MGM Grand offers seasonal treatments specialized for couples needing some time of relaxation and pampering together. These include indulgent facials using dessert flavors that allow them to enjoy sweet scents and creamy massage sessions that offer a deep state of serenity to the mind, body and soul.

For its seasonal romantic offerings, the Grand Spa typically features a month-long couple’s package such as the White Chocolate Raspberry Facial that helps regenerate and enlighten skin just in time for the romantic evening ahead, as well as the Sweet Cream Massage that soothes the muscles after a long-haul flight to Vegas and also leaves the skin deeply hydrated for that much-awaited Valentine’s Day celebration.


Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Timeline

When it comes to the cold turkey method to quit smoking you give up smoking abruptly from a said point of time – as opposed to the gradual cessation method wherein you slowly reduce the number of cigarettes a day, before you completely quit. It is very difficult to say which is the better of these two, though many people agree that the cold turkey method is a bit difficult owing to various withdrawal symptoms associated with it.

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

You are bound to experience withdrawal symptoms in either case, though the same in cold turkey method are likely to be much severe than what you are likely to experience if you opt for the gradual reduction method. When your dependence on nicotine increases, the fact that you abruptly stop smoking comes heavy on your mind and body. There exist quite a few side effects of this method which can give you a tough time, and the discomfort they cause may even make you give up on your resolve – unless you are well prepared for them. Knowing when these withdrawal symptoms start surfacing will help you be prepared for them in well advance.

Withdrawal Symptoms Timeline

The First Day: Within 20-30 minutes of the last cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse rate will decrease by a significant extent and come back to normal. After a span of 8 hours from the last smoke, the carbon monoxide levels in your blood stream will come down to normal. As carbon monoxide concentration in blood tends to decrease the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen, even their ability to carry oxygen to different parts of the body will come back to normal within 8-10 hours after you have stopped smoking. Within 24 hours, you will start experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms – such as headache, nausea, anxiety, irritability, difficult in concentration, etc., as nicotine will slowly start leaving your body.

The First Week: Between 24-36 hours, you may experience severe anxiety and irritability along with difficulty in concentrating. It will take somewhere around 48-72 hours to flush out all the nicotine in your body, and this is where nicotine withdrawal symptoms will be at their peak. Most of the people give in to cravings as a result of severe withdrawal symptoms that they experience during this phase. If you are able to pull of this phase without giving in to craving, the job is half done for you. At the same time, though your ability to taste and smell things will come back to normal, and your chances of suffering from a heart attack will come down by a great extent. At 72 hours, your lung bronchial tubes will start relaxing, which will – in turn, ameliorate the functional abilities of lungs and make breathing a lot easier.

The First Month and Subsequent Period: Over the stop smoking online course of next week, the person will experience 3-4 cravings a day. Though these cravings will only last for somewhere around 3-4 minutes, you are likely to feel that several hours have passed. After a fortnight or so, all the withdrawal symptoms will start subsiding. It will take around 3-4 weeks for acetylcholine receptor binding process to come back to normal. As time progresses, you will notice several changes in your body, and all those bodily functions which had fallen out of sync as a result of nicotine intake will start falling back in place. Within a year, the risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke will be reduced by half, and the same will come to that of a non-smoker by 10-15 years of smoking cessation. It will take somewhere around 10 years for you to go off the radar of lung cancer, or any of the various other cancers associated with smoking.

Many people opt for smoking cessation only to realize that it is very difficult for them to go ahead with it as the withdrawal symptoms intensify with time. The duration of these symptoms would differ from individual to individual, depending on various factors, like how long the person has been smoking, how many cigarettes he used to smoke a day, etc. Being aware of various withdrawal symptoms of the cold turkey method, and how they will start surfacing, no doubt comes handy when you opt for this method, but you need to understand that this method is only meant for those people who believe that the right time to stop smoking is ‘right now’.


Taking A Honeymoon Cruise Can Be Magical!

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Taking A Honeymoon Cruise Can Be Magical!

 by: Sintilia Miecevole

Many couples are finding that an all-inclusive honeymoon cruise can make their special getaway after marriage even more special. When they climb on board, they cannot believe the joy and simplicity of their vacation, with no worries and no stress! Taking a honeymoon cruise can make for one of the most memorable vacations you will ever experience and it all occurs on a single cruise ship! In the last several years, millions of couples have enjoyed honeymoon vacations on cruise ships, and with all the perks that you can find on a cruise ship it is not hard to see why.

When you think of a honeymoon cruise, you can think automatically of romance. When you watch movies, many of the most romantic moments you can think of are a couple on a ship sailing into the sunset. When you are on the deck of a cruise ship, you will have several opportunities to take advantage of this romantic situation! You will sail off into the sunset for however many nights your vacation lasts, while also getting romantic, moonlit nights and fun, sun-filled days. When you take a honeymoon cruise, you will also get the enjoyment and intimacy of secluded beaches and exotic locations. These events will make the memories of your honeymoon wicked tickets ny cheap cruise very special for the rest of your lives together.

The reason it is so easy to see why so many people choose a honeymoon cruise is the simplicity of your whole vacation. When you purchase the fare for a honeymoon cruise, you are purchasing everything you could possibly need on your entire vacation. Included in that one cruise fare are your meals, snacks, accommodations, entertainment and any on-board activities. This in addition to the exciting destinations you visit all over the world! What could be easier than a cruise for all of that? You don?t have to make your own dinner reservations or purchase theatre tickets when you are on a cruise. It?s already done for you!

How you enjoy your honeymoon cruise is also up to you. You can sit back and relax, enjoying the sunny days by the pool or on the beach without exerting yourself. Or you can be on the go constantly, going from one show to the next, one activity to another, and exploring each and every exotic location you visit in detail. All of this between delicious dining experiences you?ve only ever dreamed of. Again, there are no worries or stresses, as all of these wonderful things are included in the cruise package!

Booking a cruise is easy, whether it is for your honeymoon or a special getaway. Look online or call a travel agent near you today.

About The Author

Sintilia Miecevole

Searching for cruises? Click on http://www.furstcruise.com with Sintilia Miecevole, host, and enjoy planning your cruise. Compare prices of top cruise lines and destinations. There are weekly specials and big Web discounts. Click on http://www.furstcruise.com to find the best value in the entire vacation marketplace.

This article was posted on November 01, 2005

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Carlos Beltran completes veteran top four for St. Louis Cardinals – Fantasy Baseball

For the first time in nearly 10 years, the St. Louis Cardinals, in all likelihood, will enter a season without a first-round fantasy baseball pick on their roster.

Heck, they might not sport a second- or third-rounder, either, though the highest-ranking player currently on their roster — at least going by my rankings — Matt Holliday (44th), might actually have hope of returning to the top 25, a tier in which he resided annually from 2006-10.

The reason: the Cardinals’ smart move to add free agent outfielder Carlos Beltran, signed to a two-year, $26 million deal on Thursday, as they look to replace some of the production lost when Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels. Beltran, while not Pujols, provides an underrated punch for both the Cardinals and fantasy owners, slotting as the team’s new No. 2 hitter and probable right fielder.

If that doesn’t seem like much to you, consider this: In 2011, the Cardinals, who most frequently had Jon Jay (86 starts) and Ryan Theriot (87) occupying their top two lineup spots, managed a .322 on-base percentage between their Nos. 1 and 2 hitters, three points beneath the major league average. That’s a prime explanation as to why Pujols, the team’s usual white sox stadium No. 3 hitter, managed the 18th-most RBIs in baseball (99), despite managing the 10th-most total bases (313).

Now look at who the Cardinals will have at those two spots next season:

[+] EnlargeRafael Furcal

Scott Rovak/US PresswireRafael Furcal will set the table for a veteran group of hitters atop the Cardinals’ lineup.

Rafael Furcal, the probable leadoff man, has a .348 lifetime on-base percentage (.345 the past four seasons combined) and has walked in at least 9 percent of his plate appearances in six of his past eight seasons. Yes, his 2011 was a poor one — .298 on-base, 7.8 percent walk rate — but his track record in the department is at least somewhat more encouraging than Theriot’s.

Beltran, the new No. 2 hitter, has a .361 lifetime on-base percentage and managed a .385 mark last season, 14th among qualified hitters, and he has walked in 12.8 percent of his plate appearances the past six seasons combined.

It’s for that reason that — despite the Cardinals’ critics spewing claims that their offense will disappear into oblivion post-Pujols — fantasy owners shouldn’t be so hasty to discount an underrated, albeit aging, Beltran-Holliday-Lance Berkman heart of the lineup. Runs and RBIs might not be quite the problem that people expect, and despite each of the team’s top four hitters beginning 2012 age 32 or older, there might yet be some value to be had.

And what of Beltran himself?

As with Holliday, Berkman and even Furcal, injury risk should be your primary concern. All four players are entering the season at advanced ages, and Beltran will turn 35 before the 2012 season even hits the quarter pole. He did manage to stay mostly healthy last year but did make a disabled-list trip; he has now made one in each of the past three seasons, and in four of the past five. Knee issues during his latter days with the New York Mets could ultimately shorten his career, which might explain why he scored merely a two-year deal instead of something longer.

Plan on something between 126 games — his average number per year during his previous seven-year contract — and 142 — the number he played in 2011 — and you shouldn’t be disappointed. ESPN Stats & Information’s Mark Simon points out some extremely relevant statistics regarding Beltran: Beltran managed a career high in OPS+ (OPS adjusted for ballpark, per Baseball-Reference.com) in 2011, and he finished seventh in the National League in wOBA (weighted on-base), which was only one spot lower than he finished in the category in 2006, one of his best years.

Steals are no longer Beltran’s game, as five might be about his limit, but there’s no reason he can’t hit 20-plus homers, bat close to .300 and manage a healthy number of runs scored batting ahead of players such as Holliday and Berkman. It’s for that reason that he moves up to 130th in my rankings — 37th among outfielders, right behind Berkman — with the move to St. Louis.

Tristan H. Cockcroft is a fantasy baseball analyst for ESPN.com and a two-time champion of the League of Alternative Baseball Reality (LABR) experts league. You can email him here, or follow him on Twitter @SultanofStat.

Senior writer for ESPN.com

Co-host of the Fantasy Focus Baseball podcast

Two-time LABR, two-time Tout Wars champion

Member of the FSWA Hall of Fame


Country Music Songs About Rain

“Raining On Our Love” makes a relationship even more meaningful because “Everytime That It Rains” it’s another good cleansing.

It seems like “It Always Rains On Saturday” which puts a damper on weekend plans, but if one should decide to get “Naked In The Rain” while listening to the wonderful sounds of “Rain On A Tin Roof” one might think hey, “Rain Is a Good Thing!”

The storm continues to pass by and “It Isn’t Just Raining” it’s pouring and I say “Come On Rain” is that all you got? All of a sudden “The Thunder Rolls” and I think there you go, “She’s My Kind Of Rain!”


I could be a “Georgia Rain” and while I’m “Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain” I could explore the “Smoky Mountain Rain.”

It’s been said many, many times “There’s Something Sexy About Rain.”

The storm has passed and the sunshine’s rays are brightening up the sky. Maybe next time we’ll have some “Kentucky Rain.”

“When It Rains” it pours is a saying most of have used at one time or another. We might find our “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” and think why can’t life be as “Steady As The Rain.” We are always thankful that “Hard Rain Don’t Last” and when the storm has passed we could have “A Better Rain.”

Some people dislike rain, “Like A River Dreams Of Rain” I suggest we appreciate it and relish in the moment. “Rain Fallin” is luke bryan vip tickets much better than a drought.

“I Wish I Were The Rain” at times, I could go anywhere and hover over an area that particularly interests me.

Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, “I Love A Rainy Night!”

“I’m No Stranger To The Rain” and “I Sure Can Smell The Rain” shortly before it makes it’s appearance. “The Rhythm Of The Pouring Rain” can be soothing and relaxing if allowed to be.

I am not one to say rain, rain go away come back another day I say “Let It Rain” because it’s “Rainin’ You” and that’s always a great thing.

Lady Antebellum Makes Hit Country, New Fans

The hit-producing trio, once upon a time–or rather, two years ago–found its inception when a beautiful young woman, vocalist Hillary Scott, recognized a 6-foot, 6-inch singer-songwriter, Charles Kelley, from his MySpace page, and was then introduced to his longtime friend and partner in rhyme, multi-instrumentalist Dave Haywood.

Your MySpace or Mine?

As it turns out, Hillary–an aspiring singer who hails from and played around Music City–was a fan of Kelley’s music, which she’d heard via his MySpace site. She recognized him in the crowd at a haunt where she performed, introduced herself, and the rest is still-recent music history.

Guitarist/pianist Haywood, in a recent pre-show interview from Indiana, said the players’ teaming to become what country fans now know as Lady Antebellum was really “kind of like a Johnny Cash/Waylon Jennings” happenstance meeting.

“(Hillary) approached (Charles) and they got to talking, and then the conversation went to getting together to write … (and) the very first day, we wrote ‘All We’d Ever Need,’” recounted Haywood, referring to a track contained on the group’s self-titled debut for Capitol Records.

Lady Antebellum: Romancing (Only) the Songs

Although country fans and industry watchers have speculated that Scott, 22, has or is dating Haywood, 27, or Kelley, 26, such is not the case, the players consistently insist. Yes, there was an initial attraction and flirtations that followed, but when the three teamed to write, they vetoed any romances in favor of maintaining a professional “songwriting collective”–a decision that’s paid off.

The lineup’s freshman album has sold 250,000 copies since its late April release, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s country albums list. The CD’s first single, an upbeat, kiss-off song to an old flame penned by the trio, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” reached No. 3 on both Billboard and R&R. And most recently, the second single from Lady Antebellum, “Lookin’ for A Good Time,” cracked the Top 20.

Presently, the act’s winding down a tour of fair dates that Haywood playfully referred to as “corndog and funnel-cake world.” Then, Lady A, as fans call them, will hit the road Oct. 8 on Country Music Television’s latest annual tour featuring headliner Jason Aldean. Officially tagged CMT on Tour ’08, the 20-date series will last through November, with shows in or near college towns–something that suits Lady A just fine.

Collecting a College-Going Fan Base

“I like to think (our fan base) is across the board,” Haywood said. “It’s not the Taylor Swift crowd, but I think we have a lot of college kids as fans. But my grandma’s probably our biggest fan,” he noted, proudly, “so there’s some variety in who likes us and our music.”

Also mong the act’s biggest fans are producers Paul Worley and successful songwriter/vocalist Victoria Shaw the latter of who helped pen two songs on the 11-track Lady Antebellum, “Slow Down Sister” and “Home is Where the Heart Is.”

“Victoria did an amazing job,” Haywood said, regarding her role on the trio’s first album. “We were thrilled to have both of them there, and without them, I don’t know if we would have created what we did.”

Per Haywood, Lady A’s album currently is selling about 5,000 copies a week. And with 10 cuts written or co-penned by the trio, the CD’s an authentic representation of the players’ sound. It’s not everyday, however, that a new artist is allowed the artistic freedom the trio was granted.

Country Sound is Lady A, All the Way

“You know, it was never a discussion with the label of letting us do that,” Haywood said. “We sat down in a big room with 50 songs we’d written and 24 (songs) pitched (to us by other songwriters), and we picked the best songs that represented our project the best.

“We never set out to (record only songs we had written),” he continued. “We love the outside songs that we didn’t write, but I think we wanted to pick the best songs for us, the ones that fit our style of writing. We are very excited those are on there; it means a lot. There’s so many great writers (but) it just worked for us that we were able to record many of the songs we’d written.”

Now reigning as the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Vocal Duo or Group, Lady A–with their respective proud mothers in attendance, including Scott’s famous mom, Grammy-winning country songstress Linda Davis–will take a one-day hiatus from touring to attend the Country Music mega ticket 2014 Association’s Nov. 12 awards show in Nashville, where they’re nominated in two categories, Vocal Group and New Artist of the Year.

The next day, though, it’s back on the road, where the trio’s working to write more music for its follow-up Capitol release.

“We are writing (during touring), but definitely not as much (as we usually do),” Haywood shared. “We definitely try to write at least every few days, especially on fly days when it’s 4:45 a.m. and we’re going to L.A. and know we won’t have time to write once we get there. It might be another year before we actually get to sit down and pick songs (for the next album), but … we want to make sure we have new material. We’re always in that mindset.”

As for those who may not feel Lady’s A’s country songs are not borne of genuine hard times and wrenching heartaches, thanks to the act’s fast commercial rise, Haywood and company choose to let their music dispel any misconceptions yet-to-be fans may have.

“All three of us were working (in music) apart from one other for a long time,” remarked the Augusta, Ga., native. … We haven’t played as long as some, but we have a solid year of shows behind us, a time when we drove in Charles’ Jeep Grand Cherokee and played everywhere they would let us play.

“We do feel very, very fortunate that we had interest from Capitol, and we know it’s been fast. But you know, it just worked out,” Haywood said. ” When it works, it just works.”


Excalibur Hotel: Las Vegas Strip Shows and Entertainment 2012

Excalibur Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is a popular hotel and tourist attraction. The hotel represents the grandiosity expected from a hotel in Las Vegas, and the entertainment list for 2012 adds even more to this fact. The Las Vegas Strip Shows found within this hotel are sure to amaze the whole family, with shows ranging from a Renaissance style knight show, to shows catering more specifically to adults with a wild and naughty side. To make the entertainment of 2012 even more appealing, Excalibur Hotel is running a great deal this year where you are able to see 2 shows for the low price of $75 dollars. This deal is made even better by the fact that you can choose from both Excalibur Hotel and Luxor Hotel Las Vegas Strip shows.

Las Vegas discount vegas shows Strips Shows 2012 at Excalibur Hotel:

Tournament of Kings

The first show to be found at Excalibur Hotel is one of the most popular Las Vegas Strip shows currently taking place within the city. If the name “Excalibur” brings to life vivid images of knights, renaissance, jousting, and other medieval imagery; then the show Tournament of Kings may perhaps be just for you. Be weary! This is no mere Renaissance fair. The Tournament of Kings is elaborate and makes YOU feel like you are actively involved in the show. You will be sitting very close to the festivities, while you eat in a party like atmosphere. This is an absolutely great show whether you are planning to check it out by yourself, with a lover, or with your entire family.

Of all the shows on the Las Vegas Strip during 2012, this is one I recommend the most!

Thunder from Down Under

One thing the Last Vegas Strip is well known for is strippers. Hence, Thunder from Down Under was born to cater male strippers to a (typically) female audience. This is an adults only show (for good reason), but it has been hailed as one of the best strip shows in Las Vegas. With shows every night of the week, there is no reason not to check this one out if you are into male strippers from Australia. I am quite certain you can use your imagination to just imagine what these guys will be doing during this show!

The Australian Bee Gees Show

Did you ever think you would have the opportunity to see the Bee Gees in concert? While this will most likely not be happening, The Australian Bee Gees Show is the next best thing. The Australian Bee Gees are well known as being one of the best Bee Gees cover bands in the world, and not to mention one of the best cover bands period considering their long running show on the Las Vegas Strip. During 2012, this is a great time to throw back and remember the Bee Gees. The show is 75 minutes long, and will be a great treat for the whole family.

Night School 4 Girls

Here is a piece of entertainment in Las Vegas where you are able to get hands on with the sport of pole dancing. This Las Vegas Strip show is for adults only, and held in the same location where the previously mentioned Thunder From Down Under is performed. The most appealing aspect of this show is that you actually learn something from the pros who perform every night in Las Vegas shows around the Strip. There are several packages available, all of which come with complimentary drinks (at a variety of bars in Las Vegas) and apparel. If you ever wanted to learn the art of pole dancing, be sure to sign yourself up for this one!

The Excalibur Hotel produces some of the finest Las Vegas Strip Shows in town. Their shows are a fantastic deal during the 2012 season, so if you have any intention of going out to Las Vegas, Nevada and being entertained; be sure to check out some of these great shows. To get the best out of the great $75 dollar deal being run by the Excalibur Hotel and the Luxor Hotel, check out my other article highlighting the exciting shows being held at the Luxor Hotel.


Gail Lynne Goodwin

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She is also the founder of InspireMeTodayRadio.com, featuring weekly audio interviews with incredibly inspiring people.

Gail is also an inspirational blogger for the Huffington Post- Here’s a link to a recent interview, with Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil. (Interestingly enough, this interview was done via Skype as Guy was in Star City, Russia, at the cosmonaut training facility, in quarantine for his visit to the International Space Station. The second interview was FROM space!)  Also, here’s the link to the interview for Sir Richard Branson and the accompanying blog post which details Gail’s personal visit http://the-cheapestseats.com/ to Necker Island. The Huffington Post archives include many other interviews by Gail. 

Gail Lynne Goodwin, known as the Ambassador of Inspiration, has been lifting people’s spirits as a luminary, speaker and mastermind group leader for years.  Motivated by mentors like Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer and others, Gail realized the importance of daily morning inspiration in her own life. After years of gathering and sharing some of the best available inspirational wisdom with others, she founded Inspire Me Today in 2008 to make the Best of the Best Inspiration Daily, easily available to the world.

InspireMeToday.com includes daily inspiration from Inspirational Luminaries including, Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Seth Godin,  Les Brown, Guy Laliberte, Marci Shimoff, Janet and Chris Attwood, Michael Gerber, John Assaraf, Yanik Silver, Peter Shankman, Vishen Lakhiani, Mari Smith, Liz Strauss, and hundreds more. InspireMeToday.com reaches people daily in more than 120 countries.

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She is also prominently listed in the Top 10 list (Number 5) in the 2009 - 140 Conference NOW Awards- honoring the top people “in the now” on Twitter.

Gail is also the creator of the World’s Longest Letter of Love and Support . Gail and her daughter, Carly, created and personally delivered an 18 MILE-long scroll to our troops at 18 bases on a month-long tour of Iraq and the Persian Gulf in 2006.

Gail and her husband reside with their Samoyed puppy, Koda, in Bigfork, MT.

Gail was recently honored as one of the most inspirational people on Twitter according to -List of 25 of the Most Inspirational People on Twitter created by Mashable. 

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Cirque Du Soleil Tickets : A Later Stop In Niagara Falls Ended Up To Become Equally Problematic

If you’re visiting or transferring to Montreal, Canada, you’ll find several foods and festivals you can’t miss out on. It set the bar for future productions, which have only become more elaborate as time has progressed. Cirque du Soleil is described as a combination of different kids of circus acts.

By making a fabulous and amazing story Zoe find herself among innumerable characters of Quidam, that has comedy sprinkles here and there. amazonticketsonline. The show is all about many different stunts and feats, including martial arts, puppetry and amazing acrobatics. Some of the stuff that you are likely to see within the Cirque du Soleil show are the German wheel, hand balancing, master juggling, aerial hoops, cloud swings and several more breathtaking acts. Cirque Du Soleil in Nevada Tickets:.

Where to Purchase KA Tickets. Magic The Right Path Premium Package This package provides additional extras on leading of the Deluxe Dining Package. The end of the show was good, I won’t spoil it for you, but one person in the audience walked away using a VERY unique “souvenir” for their house (if they will find somewhere to PUT it there!).

Cirque du Soleil shows have some of different themes, all of which are exciting, colorful and enchanting. Other areas of the entire world enjoyed the show as well. . Wednesdays through Sundays.

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Orlando isn’t only fun and games, it cirque soleil is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities. There aren’t many shows that I tell people that I would go to see more than once, Cirque Du Soleil is but one that I would go to see again. Apart from getting cheap tickets for Cirque du Soleil, the site even offers a very wide choice of tickets to shows by different bands, tour groups and artists performing all throughout the country. See how Zoe overcomes her boring world using this Quidam world. You can also find memorabilia online in some cases, particularly on sites like eBay.

Movie Review: Seven Psychopaths

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Light Nightclub Turns On Vegas With Cirque Du Soleil

Closer to home is LA NOUBA at the Walt Disney World’s Resort Marketplace Downtown Disney. It may last an hour or so or perhaps a couple of days. Mark my words the next occasion I hit Vegas, ‘Love’ will be mine.

Its resort and hotel brands include Grand Luxxe, The Grand Bliss, The Grand Mayan, The Bliss, Mayan Palace, Ocean Breeze and Sea Garden, with more in development. Another project involving the estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du las vegas cirque du soleil o Soleil, which opened within the summer of 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, is Michael Jackson One. Best of all your power source increases the value of your home once you finally decide to move elsewhere.

The name is really a hallmark of passionate performance artists and in the wedding you are looking for helpful information to joining Cirque Du Soleil as a performer, you simply must read on. The lessening of environmental integrity has a negative effect on our health especially as we age.    Each Cirque show tells a story through acrobatics, song and music no animals are used in any Cirque du Soleil show. She is about to run home in tears, but certainly one of the circus performers begs her to stay to see a handsome man known simply because the Aerialist (Igor Zaripov). On another hand, you will find those who debate that the real purpose of art is always to act as a medium of expression for that artist, one that enables he or she to graphically portray their particular emotions through a painting, sculpture, or any other created piece.

If he or she opts to proceed, the newest Cirque Du Soleil performer may begin working out process. Exclusive to Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Nevada, this Cirque du Soleil show is extremely tied to the circus origins with acrobats and athletes. Cirque du Soleil touring shows include Totem, OVO, Quidam, Dralion and Alegria.

Although nearly all of the film’s running time is spent showing elements of the different Cirque du Soleil shows from Las Vegas, there has to become a running storyline to help keep it together, which Adamson provides. For more information about Cirque du Soleil, visit cirquedusoleil. cirquedusoleil. For more details about Cirque du Soleil, visit cirquedusoleil. View all 6 photos.